I had a weird idea & now you get free one-on-one coaching and/or life advice from me

Marsha with a green dress pointing to yes yes questions

I used to feel bad about this. Like, kind of guilty.

Because of my work, my interests, and the kinds of conferences I go to, I’m in a lot of spaces where people ask, “What’s the burning thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never been brave enough to?”

And I always used to worry that I was being arrogant, because my answer was, “um…nothing? I moved across a continent…I followed a career in radio and then tv music supervision and then teaching networking and now teaching people how to tell their stories. I’ve DONE IT.”

Except… then I realised, I did have a thing. And it’s a bit weird. But I’m going to try it out, live, and I’d like you to be there (no charge). And maybe even test my ability, if you like.

Here’s my thing:

I’ve always wanted to be an advice columnist.

Marsha with a green dress pointing to yes yes questions

In my country, regardless of the columnist’s gender, you’re called an Agony Aunt.

Since I was a tween, reading Just Seventeen, I’ve been obsessed with advice columns (also known in my country as Problem Pages or “Dear Deidres”.

When I was a radio DJ, I’d buy the tabloids for work, but always tear out the problem pages to read later. When I moved to North America, I discovered Dan Savage and became obsessed with his (excellent) column and podcast. And more recently, found Heather Havrilesky and love EVERYTHING she writes in Ask Polly.

And why was I obsessed?

Because I find people’s problems so interesting,


Because I love giving advice.

And I get to in my job. Not just with my clients – I get asked things over email all the time. The guy who hated his roommate and didn’t know how to deal. The lady who is a naturist but hasn’t told her wife, and doesn’t know whether she should. The teenager who really likes this guy at school, but isn’t sure if he likes her back.

They all emailed me, and I gave them all EXCELLENT advice, if I do say so myself (and I do).

So now, I want to do the same for you. For free.

Whether you have questions about your business, your love life, some storytelling or networking troubles, an argument you’re in with your friend – I would LOVE to help. Not over email – I’ve realised my strengths lie in answering questions off-the-cuff and in the moment.

I present, my new live advice column….


Which I, because I like rhymes and idiotic humour, am calling, Yes Yes Ques(tions).

The next one will be soon!

One hour long.

Your questions, my answers.

Want to be there – for free? Pop your details in HERE:


What are you trying to sell here?
Honestly, nothing. I just think this’ll be really fun.

How does it work? Is this a phone in?
Sort of. We meet on a platform called Zoom, which is a bit like Skype, but there’s also the option of phoning in (and of turning off your camera)

How do I ask a question?

Two options:

1. Email your (90 seconds long or less) question to yesyesquestions@gmail.com, then commit to being on the call to ask it live.

2. Just turn up to the call, and when we start, I’ll explain how you can raise your hand and ask me the question then.

I’m going to save about a third of the time for questions on the spot. So if you want a better chance of getting yours answered, email it in first to yesyesquestions@gmail.com

Do my questions have to be about storytelling or networking or business?
No, you can ask literally anything. The only caveats: 1. If it’s personal, your question has to be about you (and not me!), and 2. If I think that I’m unqualified to answer, I will lovingly point you in the direction of a therapist, your doctor or another professional. I am not pretending to be any of those things.

If my question is about work and not something personal, is that ok too?
Totally! I love answering business and work-related questions when I can.

What if I want to ask my question anonymously? Can I email it in?
Absolutely! Send it to yesyesquestions@gmail.com and sign it off ANONYMOUS.

I can’t make it live! Will there be a recording?
Yes. But you’ll only get it if you’ve told me you’re interested in this funny experiment of mine, which you can do by signing up HERE:

How many people will be on the call? Will I even have the chance to ask a question?
Honestly, I have NO IDEA. It might be three of us – in which case, you’ll pretty much get half an hour of free, one-on-one coaching, if you want it. Or it might be 30. This is your experiment just as it is mine!

Do I have to arrive on time?
For this first one, no – but you will be held in a waiting room until the most recent question is finished.

WHY are you doing this again??
Honestly, just a fun experiment. I have no idea how it’ll go, but I’m excited to find out.

Want to join me live? (or for the recording after?)

Come see if my weird thing works out! (and get some free advice)

YES! YES! QUES! (tions)!
(honestly, no one else seems to find that as funny as I do, so it’s ok if you don’t)

Thanks so much for reading! If you can think of anyone else who’d like to come and get free advice from me (or who also secretly wants to be an agony aunt), you can share this with them on Facebook HERE or on Twitter HERE.

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

PS let’s hang – I’d LOVE to get to chat to you with my mouth and not just my fingers. Also sorry about how dirty that sounded. Anyway, pop your details in HERE to come hang out!

You’ll also join the Yes Yes Family – which gets you free email coaching!

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