What if you had your favourite kind of people begging to work with you?

If every day, instead of waking up to a prospect list, you woke up to a wait list.

And if all this happened not because you were hustling 24/7, shelling out silly amounts of money on advertising, or bribing your people to share your site…

But instead because, the moment your dream clients land on your website, they know that you are The One — and they’ll do absolutely anything they can to work with you.

This is the power of telling your stories.

But it only works if you do it right — and almost nobody does.

Storytelling lets you bypass shields and defenses and “but, but, but” responses to create a direct, visceral connection with the exact people you want to work with (and none of the ones you don’t!). And, it can be leveraged everywhere from your website, to social media, to stages of all sizes.

Done well, it’s the ultimate persuasion power tool. The thing that lets you get on the phone for a consult call and have a total stranger tell you:

I feel like I’ve known you forever!
What do I need to do to work with you?!

So, how do you tell your story in a way that gets the world lining up to work with you?

I’ll show you.

How to Tell Captivating Stories