I am literally the most curious person I’ve ever met. I LOVE that you came to this page. It’s a scientific FACT that being curious makes you happier, so well done on that, too.
Here are your rewards:

(1) the knowledge that under almost every link on this website – and most of the photos – there’s a secret message. You can read it if you hover your computer mouse over it. 

(2) An email template that I usually only give my clients. This one’s for emailing a big shot in your industry to ask for a favour.
Click on this sentence to get it (or right click/Ctrl+click to save)

(3) The smug feeling that you know stuff that most people who come to this site don’t.

Russian doll shock (biz card) - NON TOUCHED WARM

You’re my kind of person, buddy.

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha