You know that stories are powerful – and you want to use yours to supercharge your message, and change people’s lives.

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If you’re a speaker or an online entrepreneur, here are the different ways we can work together:

Big Text saying Take your Speech-from-Good-to-GlobalTake Your Speech from Good to Global

The difference between a good speech and a mind-blowing, world-changing one? How well you incorporate your stories into it. Whether you’re headed for TED, World Domination Summit, or anywhere in between, I’ve got you covered with story-focused speech help that makes your speech just as good as the ideas you’re sharing in it.

At the background laptop and on the front Sales Pages with Soul textSales Pages with Soul

Wish you could just do your thing and have people give you money? Can’t stand the thought of the hard sell? Really curious as to how you can write a sales page that’s a gift instead of a gut punch? This is for you.

At the background a laptop and a chair and on the front a text Put You Back in BusinessPut the You Back in Your Business

Your biggest brand asset? That’s you. Find out how to walk the line between personal and professional –– all the while pulling in your dream clients and repelling the ones you don’t want –– by learning to tell your stories in a way that captivates your audience, positions you as an expert, and protects your privacy.

Not sure which – or want something custom?

I tailor every package to every client – and if what you want isn’t on this list, I still might be able to help you. Let’s talk – either drop me a line to or click below to book a no-cost, no obligation chat with me:

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