Free(ish) class: How to answer the question, “What Do You Do?”

Recently, I ran a class called,“How To Answer The Question, ‘What Do You Do?'” or HTATQWDYD)(or “H’tat-qu’did,” if you prefer), and there’s now a recording of it available.

Having a good answer to this question helps you in multiple ways. For example, with it you can:

~ avoid your stomach going into a tight knot of panic when someone asks you,”So… what do you do?”

~ write your headline on LinkedIn (and if you didn’t know that THIS is important for your career, Marietta Gentles Crawford and Karen Yankovich will prove it to you)

~ pitch yourself to podcasts and guest blog posts (because they’ll know in 15 seconds whether or not you’re right for their audience)(you are, btw)

~ much more easily come up with a tagline for your business

~ give you the skeleton around which to write your bio

~ (this is a biggie:) get you referrals and collaborations just from casual conversation (“You do that?? I need to send my sister to you.”)

If that all sounds good to you, then you can get a recording of the class by doing this:

1) Donate to Black Lives Matter, here, or any other organization that’s supporting Black, Brown or Indigenous Communities (if you need it, there’s a list of suggestions below)

2) Pop your details in below, and you’ll be sent the recording*:

That’s it. I’m trusting you to do this without having to prove it to me.

*you’ll also join the Yes Yes Family and get free weekly coaching via email from me, and you can unsubscribe literally anytime you like, because I am not the boss of you.

Want to donate somewhere else? 

Here are some suggestions:

Black Lives Matter Canada
Black Lives Matter UK
Anduhyaun — a shelter and housing program that supports Indigenous women and children (TW: some reports suggest incidences of domestic violence have spiked 30% since the lockdown began)
Justicia for Migrant Workers — organization that supports and fights for the rights of migrant workers
Bridging The Gap Foundation for Indigenous Health and Education

Not able to donate anything right now? Or in one of those communities yourself? Then you can skip part 1, and just pop your details in here*:



Have fun!

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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