Free(ish) class: How to answer the question, “What Do You Do?”

two women sitting on a high chair at a bar and talking
two women sitting on a high chair and talking

Recently, I ran a class called,“How To Answer The Question, ‘What Do You Do?'” or HTATQWDYD)(or “H’tat-qu’did,” if you prefer), and there’s now a recording of it available.

Having a good answer to this question helps you in multiple ways. For example, with it you can:

~ avoid your stomach going into a tight knot of panic when someone asks you,”So… what do you do?”

~ write your headline on LinkedIn (and if you didn’t know that THIS is important for your career, Marietta Gentles Crawford and Karen Yankovich will prove it to you)

~ pitch yourself to podcasts and guest blog posts (because they’ll know in 15 seconds whether or not you’re right for their audience)(you are, btw)

~ much more easily come up with a tagline for your business

~ give you the skeleton around which to write your bio

~ (this is a biggie:) get you referrals and collaborations just from casual conversation (“You do that?? I need to send my sister to you.”)

If that all sounds good to you, then you can get a recording of the class by doing this:

1) Donate to Black Lives Matter, here, or any other organization that’s supporting Black, Brown or Indigenous Communities (if you need it, there’s a list of suggestions below)

2) Pop your details in below, and you’ll get sent the class. Don’t skip #1 before you do this, please. Be cool. 

That’s it. I’m trusting you to do this without having to prove it to me.

*you’ll also join the Yes Yes Family and get free coaching via email from me, and you can unsubscribe literally anytime you like, because I am not the boss of you.

Want to donate somewhere else? 

Here are some suggestions:

Black Lives Matter Canada
Black Lives Matter UK
Anduhyaun — a shelter and housing program that supports Indigenous women and children (TW: some reports suggest incidences of domestic violence have spiked 30% since the lockdown began)
Justicia for Migrant Workers — organization that supports and fights for the rights of migrant workers
Bridging The Gap Foundation for Indigenous Health and Education

Have fun!

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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