The one time I don’t agree with Brene Brown

people camping

people camping

Sat in an empty, trendy conference room with Andrew, I’d been expecting nervousness. But, even though we’d just met, I was having a BLAST.

He was interviewing me for the LUSH (yep, the soap company) podcast. And – as you’ll hear if you listen, he quoted Brene Brown as saying,


“Stories are data with soul”


I laughed like a drain when he said it – I love this quote. But, as I talked my way through my response, I realised that actually,

Stories are data… with data. It’s just that, some of that data is emotions.

Because, when you’re telling a story, all you’re doing is reporting. You need, over and over, to keep answering two questions:

(1) What did it look like?


(2) How did I feel?


If you’d like to listen to the whole interview, we cover a ton of the basics of storytelling, why it’s important in business and life and for changing the world and why I turn away some people who want to work with me, you can here:

(it’s 30 mins – but even the first 5 will teach you something!)


If you’re more of a reader than a listener, I talk about these two questions and their importance, in a short blog here:


And finally, if you want to know HOW to talk about “how do you feel?” in the MOST powerful way – and you haven’t yet seen the accompanying video, which features: me in a LOT of wigs; dressed as a 70s one-hit-wonder (with a chest-wig); and also FEATURING INSIDE MY FAVOURITE 80s MUSIC VIDEO – it’s literally my favourite and most epic video I’ve ever made – then you can here:

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You rule.


xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


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