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I work with coaches, freelancers and Marsha smilingentrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do (basically: you) – BUT – are having trouble getting discovered by the people you most want to help through your work.

You know that what you’re doing makes the world a better place – but you’re stuck on how to find enough clients and make enough money to keep it up full time. Secretly, you sometimes wonder whether your family is right, and you should get a “real” job.

I can show you how to get noticed by – and build real, actual friendships with big-shots in your industry, putting you in front of your dream clients and instantly giving you the credibility that you know you can live up to.

Do you:

  • Wish that you didn’t have to hustle so hard for every single client?
  • Go to business events, only to find yourself lurching between being mute – or a stammering mess?
  • Want to build your network – but can’t think what YOU would have to offer established, successful players in your field?
  • Find you can’t think of what to say without coming across as an arrogant turd or a desperate brown-noser?
  • Get frustrated because it seems like all the big guns in your industry are buddies – and you have no idea how to crack the code of building business friendships?
  • Feel like you know you need to talk yourself up and schmooze – but the idea of it makes something inside of you shrivel up faster than a Shrinky Dink in a hot oven?

I will show you how to build GENUINE relationships with influential superstars in your industry – in a way that feels easy and actually FUN. Very soon, you’ll have the kind of contacts who can help you reach more clients – whether that’s through collaborating with you, introducing you to their peers and heroes, or promoting you to their audience.

Imagine if you could…

  • Attend business events and actually ENJOY them – then walk away with connections that lead to more clients and more money
  • Learn networking strategies that are so easy and effective, they actually feel like magic
  • At events, know exactly how to approach both possible clients AND big shots
  • Discover how to talk confidently about your skills in a way that feels comfortable, genuine and non-braggy 
  • Become known as THE person in your industry with your set of skills and talents – and be considered both a peer and a friend by the heavyweights in your field
  • Stop struggling to find your customers – and experience the ease of having them seeking you out

How it works

We’ll start with a pre-session assessment. This will help me discover exactly how you feel about networking, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you most yearn to work on – so that I can tailor our session to your specific needs.

Then we’ll jump on the phone or zoom (it’s like Skype, but better!) for 90 minutes. Together, we’ll create a networking strategy that suits YOU. You’ll get all my tips, tricks and secrets for how to enjoy yourself AND build solid, genuine relationships with people you want to work with.
“Working with Marsha was game-changing. I got a response from my hero within TWO HOURS”

Good networking doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to change your personality or become a schmooze machine. Prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to do genuine networking. You already have the skills – I’ll show you how to use them to build powerful, real relationships with key players in your industry, that will SKYROCKET your business or career.


1. A post-call next step plan so that you know exactly how to use the info you’ve learned to grow your business
“Marsha had concrete steps to take to resolve the blocks – right down to giving me scripts to use”

2. A full recording of our call so that you can spend our session actually listening and understanding the information as I’m teaching it to you.
“she genuinely makes it a comfortable and doable activity – without the ick factor”

3. Access to resources which will further help you implement the networking strategies
“Working with Marsha has given me and my career a real boost and I wish I’d done it before”

4. Accountability emails for a month – You WILL implement what I teach you.  No more buying a course and letting it sit in your inbox. I am going to hold you accountable to take action – which means you will get results.
“In terms of advancing my business, this was the best money I ever spent”

The Result?

  • Contacts that can supercharge the speed at which your business/career takes off – which means all the stuff you’ve dreamed of happens now, not 10 years down the road
  • Wonderful new business friendships with people you have long admired and now love working with
  • Collaborations with others that make you money and get you discovered by a new group of potential clients
  • The big shots in your industry knowing who you are, what you do, and what opportunities there are for you to work together
  • Visibility to a host of new ideal clients, who’ve discovered, fallen in love with and want to hire you!

Ready to change the way you do business? 

Your next steps: Marsha in blue dress smiling

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I got a response from my hero within TWO HOURS!”

In just one session, Marsha helped me craft a beautifully powerful email to one of my heroes (read: big shot!). Not only did I get a (VERY) positive response… but my response came within TWO HOURS. No joke.  

I got everything I’d asked for and more – the hero has even since written to say, “Please call on me ANYtime”. Connecting and collaborating with this person was previously one of those big picture-type goals that I thought would take MUCH longer to achieve.

I loved that Marsha was SO prepared – she had researched the person I wanted to email and had really interesting ideas about how to approach her, what she’d be interested in, and how to get her attention. And it worked! Marsha’s got proven experience and is brimming with ideas.

The best part is that she taught me all kinds of tricks that I’ve already started using in other attention-grabbing emails. The cherry on top is that she’s super fun and a blast to work with.

Katie Braja
CEO & Founder, Jojobas Witness,
Norwalk, CT

“Her work is invaluable.
Grab a session with her while you can! Thank me later”

Nikki Elledge Brown headshot smilingIf you want to make meaningful, purposeful connections with people you admire, without feeling like a total nerd/desperate stalker, you. need. Marsha.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with her, and all I can say is…WOW. She has truly mastered the art of figuring out what makes people tick – in the most sincere, service-oriented way possible. Something magical happens when you take a genuine interest in people and consciously add value to them in simple, yet meaningful ways. Marsha doesn’t just GET that, she knows how to teach it.

Her work is invaluable. Grab a session with her while you can! Thank me later.

Nikki Elledge Brown
ommunication Stylist and CEO,

“In terms of advancing my business,
this was the best money I ever spent”

Kellie Sharpe Headshot smilingAs well as an easy manner and good humor, Marsha has an understanding of the struggle we introverts have with reaching out, and excellent explanations for managing it.

Since working with Marsha, I am no longer the least bit hesitant about writing to anyone to ask for something, or even walking right up to anyone, introducing myself, and accomplishing what I set out for, whether it’s a friendship, a recommendation, a review, or even a job.

I‘ve secured several book reviews and blog interviews from overextended book bloggers for my authors, have sponsored a book launch party at a writer’s conference, taught a workshop and secured a job for myself that required a networking expert!

I would recommend working with Marsha without question, in a heartbeat. In terms of advancing my business, this was the best money I ever spent.

Kellie Sharpe
Publisher & PR, Salt Run Publishing LLC
Hillsboro, GA

“I have been able to move my career into a new and bigger phase. I didn’t realize I could make that happen so quickly”

Amantha Tsaros Headshot smilingMarsha is the person everyone wants to talk to in a room – a blast to speak to. It was super easy to get to the heart of my problems and she had concrete steps to take to resolve the blocks – right down to giving me scripts to use.

Before I worked with Marsha, I was completely perplexed about how to go about networking. She has given me the map to navigating this nerve-wracking terrain. But even more so she helped push me into an entirely new zone. With her guidance and support I have been able to move forward in my career into the start of a new and bigger phase. I didn’t realize I could make that happen so quickly. 

Networking can be the missing piece of the puzzle in pushing your career or business forward. Marsha has the formula for making this doable and she supports you with accountability and cheerleading to get you to fly on your own. 

If you need to ask anyone for anything then you need to work with Marsha. Especially if you are shy or hate selling yourself.

We all need good people behind us – Marsha is a great one to have on your team and with her support you will grow your network to boost your career or business.

Amantha Tsaros,
Lexington, MA

“Working with Marsha has given me and my career a real boost and I wish I’d done it before”

Iona Headshot smilingBefore working with Marsha, I had become quite anxious about finding work, to the point of it making me ill. I am limited to contacting people by email rather than phone or in person and I thought this would hold me back.

Marsha’s session gave me a new perspective and made me feel much calmer, more in control and much more positive about the future. I usually feel really uncomfortable about this sort of thing but I actually had fun!

Working with Marsha has given me and my career a real boost and I wish I’d done it before. Marsha gave me loads of advice and tools that I wouldn’t have got from any course or self help book. Her advice was specific and tailored to me. I’m so much more confident about pitching for and chasing work. I am much more tenacious about chasing work, too!

If you’re about to change career or go freelance speak to Marsha before you do anything. I seriously regret the time I spent ballsing up this stuff before she set me on the right track. Marsha will change your life and make you feel just lovely.

Iona Bower
London, UK

Marsha is lovely.
She is professional – she is worth it!

Pilar Headshot smilingBefore, networking had always felt phony to me. The advice I got meant I felt a lot of “shoulds”. Having worked with Marsha, I now have clear things I know I can do when I meet people – or attend large events. I know what to do that I will be comfortable with – and I have a positive mindset.

Marsha draws on her own experience and tells you what worked for her. I love that she shares her own struggles – she is honest and she is real.

We all need to network, and she genuinely makes it a comfortable and doable activity – without the ick factor. Marsha is lovely – she is professional – she is worth it!

If you want to feel confident about networking and leave the people you meet with the feeling that you are fabulous, then invest in yourself and book a session with Marsha. 

Pilar Galiana
Content Marketing Consultant & CEO, Ella Says Inc

Toronto, ON

“After my session with Marsha, I felt fearless and determined to take on the tasks I’d been agonizing over for months”

Sheila Cropped final I’ve always cringed at the term “networking,” believing it to be an insincere and opportunistic business construct, not suited to people like me. Yet I knew that shunning networking opportunities was detrimental to my work, confidence, and desire to meet new people.
It only took 20 minutes with Marsha to turn my idea of networking on its headShe has a way of taking the fear out of seemingly scary or uncomfortable situations.

I genuinely feel that Marsha is rooting for me, giving me personalized and caring guidance on how to overcome career confusion, networking-fear, and self-doubt, and following up with helpful task lists and words of encouragement.

She has a selfless spirit, a huge heart, and genuine enthusiasm for helping people emerge from their shell and get back out into the world. After my session with Marsha, I felt fearless and determined to take on the tasks I’d be agonizing over for months. She leaves her clients VERY well equipped!

She has a knack for putting people at ease and making them feel safe and secure to express their inner-most struggles/ self-doubt, knowing they will never be judged.

Sheila Burgel
Founder and CEO,
New York, NY

“It all worked so well for me that it seemed slightly like magic.
It’s not, it’s just her expertise made easy”

Matt Taylor CROPpedWant to know why you should work with Marsha in a single word? Results.
It’s now only 3 days since the industry conference Marsha coached me for and by following her simple, memorable advice I’ve just successfully booked in meetings with both of the organisers: a pair of influential guys who everyone was queuing up to chat to at the end of the day.

Not me though. I’d said a quick hello to them earlier but didn’t join the line of hopefuls. I headed home to follow Marsha’s advice and write them each a short but persuasive personalised email. And that’s how I jumped the queue without ever joining it.

Marsha lives what she teachesEvery job she’s got in media has been the result of non-schmooze networking (or as she calls it, MIF-ing: ‘Making Interesting Friends’). Her advice is the distillation of years of experience and covered everything I needed to know, from how to make a first approach to new contacts, to why thoughtfulness in the lunch line can pay dividends.

It all worked so well for me that it seemed slightly like magic, but it’s not, it’s just her expertise made easy. Marsha is a super-friendly woman with the kind of personality that means chatting with her leaves you feeling energised and ready to go.

Don’t hesitate to work with her. Do yourself a favour: give her a call and start improving your career.

Matt T
Radio and Podcast Producer
London, United Kingdom

“When Marsha initially suggested I approach some of my mentors for book endorsements I was leery…but in just two weeks I got endorsements from three of my hero authors!”

Kelly AlexanderWhen Marsha initially suggested I approach some of my mentors for book endorsements I was leery….I couldn’t ask them – they were up on a pedestal for me! With her enthusiasm, support, ‘tip’ sheet and one-on-one chat she helped me understand the best way to contact them – and get a response.

Because I engaged with them on the level she had suggested, they were more than happy to endorse my first book and even give me the most jaw-dropping positive feedback. Wow – my mentors are actually human beings just like me!

With Marsha’s help, in just two weeks I got endorsements from three of my hero authors!

Kelly Alexander, Passion and Pleasure Coach for Women & Author of “My Year OFF Men”
Toronto, ON

“Marsha made me feel like making
connections with people is really easy”

I’m a naturally shy person, but my session with Marsha made me feel like making connections with people is really easy. She makes networking seem so much more doable – less about selling and more about relationship building.

Right after our session, I went to an event. I had a lot of great conversations there, and left feeling happy!

I would recommend working with Marsha to anyone who feels nervous about networking, anyone who is naturally an introvert, anyone who has trouble with small talk, anyone who is socially anxious.

Libby Louer
Holistic Health Coach,
Rochester, NY

“Her relaxed yet confident vibe made me completely
comfortable to discuss any fears or concerns I had”

SariI’m always hesitant to approach strangers because I don’t want to feel like I’m bothering them. Marsha provided me with assurance that if I were to go about approaching someone the right way, it would never come off as a bother. She relayed helpful tips about the best way to talk to someone.

Marsha never made it seem like she was more knowledgeable or experienced, but rather made me feel like I had all these ideas, I just needed help surfacing them. This is what made me enjoy Marsha’s company right off the bat – her relaxed yet confident vibe made me completely comfortable to discuss any fears or concerns I had when it came networking. And her calm, cool and collectiveness actually rubbed off on me too. 

I’d absolutely recommend Marsha’s services to others because she not only helps, but she makes you feel like you’re just chatting with a friend who is experienced in a certain field. She was never preachy but rather chummy.

Sari Morein
International Music Rep
Toronto, Canada

“Marsha doesn’t presume that networking comes naturally
to everyone. Instead, she demonstrates how easy it can be”

Having Marsha alongside you is like having Courage Itself by your side!

Never have I felt more confident to meet and chat with people outside of my usual social sphere than I did when working with Marsha. She turns potentially awkward business-style meetings into the opportunity to make new friends, and ‘friends’ rather than ‘contacts’ is very much at the heart of what she is about.

Before working with Marsha my hesitations about networking were that I didn’t have enough in common with the other person, but she showed me that you only need one question and a good smile to start conversation that can lead to opportunity!

Marsha doesn’t presume that networking comes easily and naturally to everyone. Instead, she explains it’s benefits and demonstrates how easy it can be. She completely takes the scariness out of it and makes everyone in the room a potential friend, no matter how big or small their profile.

If you’re looking for help in making networking as easy and enjoyable as being at a dinner party, then say Yes Yes to Marsha!

Graham Albans
Broadcast Assistant, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2
London, UK

“The tips Marsha has passed on have pushed me further in my career. The skills get used on a daily basis!”

Marsha brought fresh skills to the table. The tips Marsha has passed on have pushed me further in my career.

Everything came with an explanation and a reason that could be applied across different industries / situations and some of the skills get used on a daily basis!

I’d actively encourage people to talk to Marsha, especially if you are embarking on a career in a new industry or a potentially challenging project. Those early meetings with people can come thick and fast, so being armed with the right approach and skills can make the world of difference

She’ll be honest and tell you what you need to hear

Chris Jackson Jones
Treasury Sales Trader, ING Bank,
London, UK

“She instills people with confidence”

I loved working with Marsha. She is very honest and supportive.

She instills people with confidence. That’s what you need to network and get on in a difficult industry.
Marsha has a way of getting a deeper sense of people and helping them believe in themselves.

Ed Drummond
Freelance Assistant, BBC & Global Radio
London, UK

“The best thing about Marsha is her sheer enthusiasm
and clear passion for helping others”

Working with Marsha, there was never a moment merely spent watching on, being a wallflower. She throws you into doing actual work with deadlines. Whilst this initially feels pretty scary, Marsha instils enough confidence for you to get the job done.

The best thing about Marsha is her sheer enthusiasm and clear passion for helping others. She will always encourage you to ask questions and ensure that you leave a session having learnt something useful.

Marsha taught me valuable skills and gave me the confidence to network with complete strangers. In my broadcasting work this has been invaluable.

Working with Marsha has already benefited my career greatly and will continue to do so going forward.

She is very experienced and knows exactly what she is doing, she has succeeded in an industry where networking and persistence is key. 

Jamie Stangroom
Presenter, Producer and Reporter, BBC 5 Live!
London, UK

“There’s no need to be the person working hard in the background doing a great job and not getting noticed”

Working with Marsha was an absolute pleasure. She not only gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself but actively encourages it. She always has your best interests at heart, rooting for you and hoping you get the most out of the experience that you can.

I would recommend Marsha to everyone who wants to achieve something they’re not managing at the moment. There’s no need to be the person working hard in the background doing a great job and not getting noticed. You can put yourself out there and get the recognition you deserve – and she is the person to help you do that!

Marsha gave me the best advice that I’ve ever received, that I still tell countless people to this day!

Ben Jamieson
Assistant Producer, Flame TV
London, UK

“The best part was finding out that I don’t
have to rely on instinct.
I can be very practical and strategic about networking”

Lacy WarnerWhen it came to networking, I wanted to come across as assertive and charming, but was worried about looking desperate or like a nag. Thankfully, I loved my session with Marsha! 

Her approach is kind, humorous, and engaging. She listened to my anxieties and created an approach unique to my needs – but somehow it all felt like I was just having a cup of tea with an old friend!

The best part for me was finding out how much of a science it is, and how I don’t have to rely on instinct or anything that seems “metaphysical,” but that I can be very practical and strategic about networking. I have used the email techniques she taught me, over and over again.

She doesn’t have a one size fits all plan; instead, she developed a unique strategy just for me. And her wicked sense of humor certainly didn’t hurt when putting me at ease!

Lacy Warner
New York City, NY

Ready to discover how to grow your business or career – in a way that feels easy and actually FUN? 

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I can’t wait to speak to you!  

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha