Xmassy Costumers layers funny snowfall


Hooray! You’re in the Advent Family!

In case you missed any past stories – here’s where you’ll find them all:


1st – My daydream was coming to life – and going horribly, horribly wrong

2nd – What happened when I – a skeptic – did Horse Therapy

3rd – This is my best friend’s favourite story about my family (it’s v v short)

4th – I didn’t want it, but there was no way I could refuse

5th – This was the first time I ever heard about Orange Is The New Black

6th – “it was as if everything I knew or thought I knew about life, suddenly came to a crashing halt”

7th – We both got to do my favourite thing together, right in the middle of the day

8th – The funniest customs story you’ll ever hear. I promise!

9th – I met my hero. My hair looked like a wig. It did not start well.

10th – This lady is my favourite storyteller of all time. OF ALL TIME.

11th – A story that I’m hoping you’ll enjoy but not share publicly (if that’s ok)

12th – My favourite writer about love, writes a love story

13th – The most terrifying, gripping story I’ve ever heard

14th – These stories make me TREMBLE with laughter

15th – It was one of my favourite moments of the last three years

16th –  This story has now made me cry FIVE times (because it’s so moving)

17th – If this hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be alive to write this subject line

18th – My mum thought, “Oh no, they’re going to arrest me for terrorism!”

19th – Everybody in the subway carriage was staring at me

20th – Why you should never lie to girls at parties

21st – My brother may never forgive me for telling you this story

22nd – I couldn’t believe they put it on Instagram. To thousands of followers!

23rd – My favourite story I’ve ever coached. It’ll make you cry.

24th – A three line story (because you’re in a hurry)

25th – The different responses of 14 year old me and now me 

26th – The best blog post I read all year (and one of my favourite EVER stories!)

27th – My own Marty McFly moment

28th – In which, one of my favourite writers writes about Christmas (my favourite holiday)

29th – It’s her own story, but she cried as if she hadn’t known what was coming

30th – I hate it when she’s right. But she was right.

31st – Going out tonight? Here’s a story I’m not SUPER-proud of. A cautionary tale.

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