The most compelling stories you should tell in your blogs and/or to get clients + overcoming resistance — Yes Yes Questions 5 Review!

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If you’re wondering any of these things:

  1. Which are the best stories to tell in your blogs?
  2. Is my story is interesting enough for a memoir?
  3. How do I tell my story in order to draw in new clients?
  4. I want to start your own live event, how do I do that?
  5. How can I overcome resistance when it comes to being visible online?

Then you’re IN LUCK!

The recording which has these questions and a few more is here:


Or below is written a short form of some of the answers I gave to these particular questions. Before I get to them:

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1. In a blog post, what types of stories are most compelling?

Short Form Of Answer: This will depend on things like your audience’s interests etc, but there are a couple of universal notes:

(1) Before you decide write ANY story, ask yourself,

Why am I writing this story?
What do I want people to do differently as a result?
(more on this HERE)

THAT will help you decide which story you tell

The second thing to remember is:

(2) When you’re writing stories in blogs, think less of narrative, and more of choosing an action scene or two.

More on this HERE

2. What are you most excited about regarding your upcoming WDS presentation?

SFOA: i LOVE this question!

The thing I’m most excited about, is having a pin board in the lobby of the main conference, with my “I DON’T HAVE MY ISH TOGETHER, EITHER” project. Everyone will write on a post-it note one (small-fry) thing that they have done/do that makes them feel a bit ashamed and like they don’t have their ish together.

The whole thing was inspired by this video:


3. How did you start your live storytelling show? How did you find people for it?

My HOT TIPS if you want to start a live show:

1. Pick a venue that’s small enough that, even if it’s just you and the other performers (in my case, the five storytellers), that’s enough of an audience.

2. Put basic info flyers (you don’t need anything flashy) on the back of washroom cubicle doors in hipster cafes and co-working spaces. Never underestimate the power of this prime real estate

3. LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. I had run so many (mostly music) events in the past where I was all panicky and begging all my friends to come, so for this one, I decided not to care. As a result, it’s been the most successful thing I’ve ever done; we now average 100-200 people turning up.

BUT – this happens slowly. The first show had three people in the audience: my best friend from childhood, my beloved local friend Connie and my mum. The show after: four. Then we went back down to three. Don’t expect IMMEDIATE ROARING SUCCESS.

In terms of where I found the storytellers: every time I met someone I thought would be good at it, I made a note.
Also, improv classes. They’re a goldmine for any kind of performer.

4. Someone recently told me I should write a memoir. How do I start telling my story and how do I get over my fear that I’m not amazing enough to help people?

(1) Buy this book buy this book buy this book buy this book:

The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith.

Also, vacuum into your brain everything on her website:

(2) People LOVE to read things that are familiar.
We think no one will want to read our story if it’s not all THEN I RAN FROM THE KGB! THEN I JUMPED OVER A BEAR PIT

But studies have shown that people actually prefer to hear stories that they’re familiar with, than ones full of brand new information. Which makes sense — we like to relate to things and we take comfort in learning about people who are like us.

ESPECIALLY when there’s a lesson in it for us. We tend to do things over and over again — often very badly. Share what you’ve learned.

5. I’m trying to build an online business. What should my story be to draw clients in? How do I make it compelling?

(1) As I said earlier, think less in terms of Laundry List of Things I’ve Achieved, and more about Action Scenes (more on those HERE)

(2) Pick a scene that shows your ideal client that you’ve been where they’ve been. Show them that you get what their problem is. Even if you haven’t been in the exact same kind of situation, pick a time when you’ve felt the way they’ve felt. Get granular.

6. I need to become more visible online, but I’m feeling resistance! How do I get over it?

SFOA: My best driver is shame, so I’d suggest publicly committing to things. Post on Facebook that you’re going to do two Facebook lives per month, and which days you’re going to do them. Post this more than once.

Then you’ll be too embarrassed not to — and, in the process, discover that you didn’t die doing it.

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