Stop putting this in your stories. Just stop. ( + YYQ11 review!)

podcast episode cover - on the left storytelling drawing and standup on the right Marsha smiling

Two things! The first is what I’m going on about in the subject line. I went on my friend Matthew Kimberley‘s podcast (after guests he’s had like John Lee Dumas, Amy Landino, Laura Belgray and Todd Herman) to talk about storytelling — but we ended up covering something I never have before:

What you should NEVER have in your stories. And, it turns out, I have some strong — and very stuttery — opinions on this. The stuttering is because I get VERY, VERY NERVOUS around this subject.

Want to hear it? Click on the big pic below, or HERE.

on the left storytelling drawing and standup on the right Marsha smiling

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Or in the meantime, in last month’s YYQ, I answered (among other things):

1. How do I get people to open my newsletters?
2. How do I promote the book I’m self-publishing?
3. What are your thoughts on using “competitors” to differentiate yourself?
4. How do I get people in a mandatory corporate workshop to willingly participate?

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