Headshots of Liz and MarshaDo you run an online, service-based business? Had you always assumed you’d make courses and products and SCALE by growing a HUGE MAILING LIST…

But now, you’re starting to think…

…Maybe it doesn’t have to be that complicated?

Or even just: it’s SUCH a great model for other people, but maybe that’s not for me…?

Me too. And I’ve spent the last couple of years asking smart people how to make more money without hustling every hour of every day. Because: there are other things in life than work. AND I like being able to pay rent and go on holiday from time to time.

I’ve learned some pretty great hacks, and I want to teach some to you. So I asked one of the most business-savvy people I know, my (brilliant, BRILLIANT) friend Liz Scully from Rethink Central to come and teach a (free!) class with me — which you can hear right now — called:

Work Less, Earn More

The class has happened, but you can get the recording by putting your details in below!

In the 1 hour class, Liz will give her top five tips for how to get more income with less effort. Not with courses. Not with Facebook ads. Not with 1000 word blog posts.

Five solid ideas for things you can either do immediately, or start to put in place immediately.

Want me to send you the recording?

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liz marsha selfie both smiling