Here you’ll find:

(1) Videos for the best email subject line and how to add value to anyone

(2) Email Templates to help you Network

(3) Info on what to do if you want to work on your presentations or keynotes

(4) How to get hold of my free training for how to remember ANYONE’s name (plus free email coaching from me)

(1) Videos on the best email subject line, and how to add value to anyone

Here’s the one for how to write the best subject line in an email:

And here’s how to add value to someone who has more to offer you than you do to them:

(insider note: that was the first video I ever made and I hadn’t figured out how to switch the camera off mirror mode 😂 😂 )

(2) Networking Email Templates

(just click on the title to see it, or right click/Ctrl+click to download)

“Nice To Meet You” Email Template – CLICK HERE

“Asking Big Shot For a Favour” Email Template – CLICK HERE 

“Asking Someone Important Out for a Coffee” Email Template – CLICK HERE — note, I wrote this a few years ago (“Skype”, lol), and now I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask someone for a 30 minute Zoom call

Thursday Thank You Email” Template – CLICK HERE

“Asking a Long-Lost Colleague for a Favour” Email Template – CLICK HERE

(3) Inspired to work on your presentations? Here’s how to take the next step.

Want to make sure you engage your audience even when you’re online, whether it’s three people of your team or 300? Get them on your side from the first words you say? Inspire them to feel passionate about the work you want them to do?

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

Have a presentation or keynote coming up, want me to present to your team — or just know you’d love to get better at storytelling with my help?

Let’s chat! We can jump on the phone – click HERE to book in a call, or just email me on marsha@yesyesmarsha.com

(4) Free, coaching & How To Remember ANYONE’s Name — plus free coaching on Presentations and Storytelling from me!

If you’d like to join the Yes Yes Marsha Mailer Family – and get advice, stories and secrets that I won’t put on the internet – along with my fail-safe guide for how to remember ANYONE’S name, sign up here. It’s free!

Love this frock.

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