I would love to DJ at your wedding or party!

I specialize in playing well-known songs, that are familiar without being overly cheesy.

If you like, we will work together in advance of your function, to make sure I know which are your favourite tunes.
Or, you might just want to leave the whole thing to me and trust that I will play a brilliant set that everyone will love – that’s fine too!

To ask me about DJing at your wedding or party, drop me a line at hello@yesyesmarsha.com.

Wedding DJ Testimonials

“Wedding DJs are not cheap. Wedding DJs think they know best. Wedding DJs play songs like ‘It’s Raining Men’, ‘New York New York’ and ‘Agadoo’, which is fine if that’s what you want, but not fine if you’re after something that’ll get everyone from cool (ie moody) younger teens to inappropriate Uncle Roger on their feet all night, and kids (and maybe grandmothers) doing knee skids on the floor. If the latter’s what you had in the grand wedding plan, then hire Marsha: she’s the more socially acceptable equivalent of dropping a little something extra in everyone’s champagne during the speeches”.
Jon and Helen

“I can say is all we hear when we mention our wedding is ‘best wedding ever’! Everyone knows the music can make or break a wedding… Marsha was amazing and really made ours! She had every song you could imagine and went to the trouble of making sure she had a few we requested especially. We had quite a mixed age group so managing to keep the dance floor packed solid from start to finish was down to her ability to read the crowd so well. She spent sometime discussing our preferences before the day and what kind of set we’d like which we thought was a great touch. She was more than happy to take requests on the night and came away with quite a few more fans for her xfm shows! Couldn’t recommend her enough. worth every penny and more considering how reasonable her price is. Thanks for being such a crucial part of making our day so amazing marsha.”
Jen & Eugene


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