All of the best bits from my best videos! A Yes Yes Videos Review

Marsha looking sad


Next week will see the return of a Cult Classic:

The Yes Yes Marsha idiotic jokes, wigs and costume videos!

And it’s going to be a gooooood one. I don’t want to throw in too many spoilers, but you do get a crowd of Marshas:

3 pictures of Marsha checking her phone, doing her nails and reading a book

And, to meet THIS GUY:

Guy dressed as an ET

And you get to listen to their national anthem, which may be the fugging weirdest thing I’ve ever done. More on that impending. But! While we wait, in case you’ve never seen one, or just want a trip down Yes Yes Memory Lane, let’s revisit some of the old videos!


1. The One That Changed The Game:

I’d been planning on making my first video for over a year. I imagined buying fancy lights, maybe hiring someone and definitely writing and scripting for several weeks.

Except…. I never got around to it. Too big. Too much to do. But then, I watched a video blog by my then Business Hero, now Business Hero and Friend, Karen Yankovich. In it, she said,

“You don’t have to have fancy production for your videos. Just stick your iPhone on your bookshelf, and start recording”.

Oh, I thought. Maybe I should try that.

In the end, I used Photobooth on my laptop (because I don’t have a smartphone)(I KNOW), and I hadn’t yet worked out how to flip it, so the entire video is a mirror image.

But look, I got wrapped up in tinsel!

Marsha wrapped up in tinsel

And I wore my first video wigs!

Two pictures of Marsha with a white false hair and Marsha playing

How did I decide what jokes to put in?

I just did something that made me laugh. I figured, at the very least, I would amuse myself. What I didn’t expect was the response:

People I’d never met started sharing it everywhere, and my mailing list grew like wildfire.

The lesson:
This is what happens when you make videos (and blogs, and podcasts) that you would love. Your people come and find you.


2. The One Where I Look Very Glamourous and Also Totally Disgusting

For this vid, I had SIX outfit changes. Which now, is kind of nothing, but at the time, it was a LOT of editing, that I did, for hours, self-taught.

(Side note: this is easier than you think, because anything you don’t know about a tech program, some teenager has made a ‘how-to’ Youtube video for)

Screenshot of Marsha videos

The Glamourous and Disgusting pictures were also part of my sadness:

2 screenshot videos of Marsha - wearing a makeup and Marsha with wet hair

Here’s what I was bummed about with these: I forgot an essential line, when I say you wouldn’t wear a gross outfit if you were trying to impress someone on a night out, what I meant to add is this:

Your outfit isn’t going to get someone to kiss you. But it might get them to start talking to you.
Similarly, the subject line isn’t going to make someone do you the favour you want. But it might get them to read your email at all.

But you know what? even though I forgot that point, people still loved it and shared it like crazy.

It’s ok to put stuff out into the world that’s a little imperfect. It doesn’t make it a disaster, so don’t freak out about getting everything right.

Also, the MYSTERY woman (who appears three times) makes me laugh out loud on EVERY SINGLE VIEWING.

Here it is:



3. The One With No Wigs Or Edits

There was almost a year where people would introduce me as, “This is Marsha, she makes hilarious videos on her blog!”

And I’d smile, but I’d be flooded with shame.

The truth was, because it involved so many scenes and cutaways and costumes and time filming and then HOURS of editing, I hadn’t made a video for ten months. And I felt like a fraud.

Then, I worked with Holly G from Holly G studios, and everything shifted.

Holly taught me that, with practise, I can learn how to make videos that are just ‘point and shoot’. She took me from feeling super-awkward and staged on camera, to feeling like I’m just chatting to my friend.

And it shows! Here I am, making a short video while on vacation in New York. My camera and mic were both my iPod Touch, and my tripod was the drawstring from the blinds. It took me less than an hour to edit and get it up.


If you want to get comfortable on camera, you must PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE. 

And/or sign up for everything Holly G Does here:


Honorable Mentions:

My Biggest Client Secret for Networking (Warning: contains MIND CONTROL)

Top 10 Networking Tips for Introverts (a lot of wigs. A LOT.)

The Best Question To Ask To Avoid Small Talk (Also works well on first dates, I’m told)

The One Where You Meet Your Dork Goblin (i.e. the person you become when you’re trying to impress someone)

The One that has a cameo from George Clooney in it (aka How to get out of an awkward conversation)


5. My Opus: The One Where I Finally Hired A Videographer

After a few more point-n-shoots, I decided it was Time.

And this is the one you’ll have received when you signed up to be in the Yes Yes Family. In it, you get to see me as a 70’s one hit wonder:

Marsha looking sad

Starring in my favourite 80s music video:

Marsha looking beautiful with her makeup

And as my own therapist:

 Marsha acting as a patient and therapist

This was the one where I hired Ben to help, and you can totally tell (see: jump cuts, plus him editing in a bit of me singing to myself that I did not know was going to be on camera :) )


Sometimes, it’s time to level up and hire someone. But make sure, if it’s something as initimate as video, it’s someone who understands you on a soul level.

Want to see that epic, informative video? Pop your details in below.
(You’ll also join the Yes Yes Family, and get free coaching via email!)

Thank you so much for reading – and for watching! So, go on then, who’s YOUR favourite character from all of these? Let me know in the comments below – and you’ve ever made a video you love, share the link in your comment!

You rule

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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  • Nicky

    Reply Reply May 16, 2018

    Have I seen you somewhere before? On, The Vicar of Dibley, maybe?

  • Jan Keck

    Reply Reply May 17, 2018

    I just love all of your videos!! Love the characters, the wigs, the uncut episodes!
    Most of all I love how much fun your having in front of the camera – I believe if you can make the video shoot fun for yourself the audience will feel that and connect so much deeper with you.

    My dream would be to one day compare wigs and do a video together :)

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