It was so lovely to hang with you at the workshop!

Here you’ll find:

(1) Your Start/Stop/Continue form

(2) PDF resources (for writing copy or persuasive presentations)

(3) Any links I mentioned in the Q&A

(4) Info on what to do if you want to take this to the next level and work on your presentations and stories

(5) How to get hold of free training on Captivating Storytelling

(1) Your start/stop/continue form

Want to make sure you ACTUALLY take action on this stuff? Fill in this anonymous form, and let me know what you’ll start doing, stop doing and continue doing as a result of this workshop! Or ignore that part and just give me some anonymous feedback.


(2) Checklist PDF — reference this when you write your next presentation or piece of copy

Right click (or Ctrl+click on Mac) to save as a PDF

Yes Yes Marsha’s 4 Questions to Ask Before You Write ANY Talk or Presentation

Yes Yes Marsha’s Persuasive Presentation Checklist (PDF)

(3) Links I mention in the Q&A

HRart Centre — Samm Smeltzer who taught me about the POWER of the HR department:

Difficult Conversations by Stone, Patton and Heen – the one book you MUST read:
Amazon if you must

The podcast where I talk about this book (and share the thing about the power of owning up to your contribution in a conflict):

(4) Inspired to sharpen up your presentations and storytelling? Here’s how to take the next step

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

Want me to speak to your team, have a presentation or keynote coming up yourself — or just know you’d like to become a better speaker and storyteller with my help?

Let’s chat! We can jump on the phone – click HERE to book in a call, or just email me on hello@yesyesmarsha.com

(5) My free training on the magic bullet for storytelling — plus free Coaching on Storytelling from me!

If you’d like free coaching (and stories and secrets I won’t put on the internet) – along with my free training on using emotions in storytelling (including a LOT of wigs and costume changes), then just fill in your details below:

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