Marsha and Sage hugging

Thank you so much for coming along to our workshop! It was so lovely to have you there.

Here you’ll find:

(1) A link to find out more about Sage (you can find out more about me on the tabs above!)

(2) A link to info about Sage’s (BRILLIANT) 7 Week Storytelling Course

(3) A PDF handout for things I say in my solo workshops, (including a lot of what you learned today and some more)

(4) Info about my show and Sage’s show

(5) A story from Sage, and a story from me

(6) How to get free storytelling tips from Sage and I


(1) Sage’s Website:



(2) Info about Sage’s 7 Week Storytelling Course:

Seriously, it’s amazing:


(3) PDF Handout with the key lessons from the workshop:

Click on these words to see it (or right click/ctrl+click to download)


(4) Info about our live shows!

Mine is called True Stories (Told Live) Toronto. Website:
Facebook page:
NEXT SHOW: Tues May 29th

Sage’s is called High Stakes Stortyelling. Website:
Next show: Thursday May 24th – Facebook event HERE.

(5) A story from Sage and a Story from Marsha:

Sage at Marsha’s show:

Marsha at Sage’s show:

(6) Free, regular storytelling tips from Sage and from me.

Sage will send you something every two weeks – one tip, one story. Click HERE to sign up:


I have a video (with a lot of wigs. A LOT.) and a PDF for those 3 ’emotions in storytelling’ mechanisms – want that, along with advice, tips, plus stories that I won’t put on the internet? Come and join the Yes Yes Family – it’s free! Just pop your details in below:

Thanks again! It was so nice to have you in the workshop!

You rule,

xx Sage and (Yes Yes) Marsha


  • Cybele

    Reply Reply March 31, 2017

    Hello — for some reason I can’t open up the PDF file for the tips from the workshop at the Storytelling Festival. Could you please email me them as an attachment? Thanks so much!

    Also — fabulous workshop. I only wish I could work with both of you again, and a smaller group.

    Best, Cybele.

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