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“I loved how present and detailed Marsha is and her unique ability to pick up on the really good stuff. Before, I would cringe when asked ‘what problem do I solve?’ After just what seems like a casual talk with Marsha, she managed to get them out of me super-clearly!”

Evelina Hovich, Health & Wellness Coach, Toronto, ON

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“Now I have a sales page that my potential clients want to read to the end!”

“Before working with Marsha, I was struggling to find a format that worked for me between all the different sales page formulas people tell you to follow. Her visualization really helped me focus on where my clients are and what they want (which was also part of my story!). Marsha helped me to use language that people understand and that doesn’t sound ‘coach-y.’

Now I have a sales page that highlights all the points I want to bring across, focusing on what’s really important – and that my potential clients want to read to the end. I love how it looks!

Susanne Schwameis, Career & Leadership Coach, Vienna, Austria