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Here you’ll find:

(1) The talk I referenced, about our “Beast”s (aka inner critic)

(2) Links to alllll the other things and people I mentioned 

(3) Info on what to do if you want to work on your stories or keynotes

(4) How to get hold of my free training for the magic bullet when it comes to storytelling (plus free email coaching from me)

(1) The “How To Tame Your Beast” talk

Heads-up that there are some F-bombs. Also, all the people in the video were speakers at the conference:


(2) Links I mentioned 

My (currently online) live show, True Stories Told Live

Watch past shows and find out about the next show, here: yesyesmarsha.com/truestories

SelfControlApp.com to lock yourself out of certain sites on your Mac

freedom.to to lock yourself out of certain apps and sites on your phone

passengerlist.org Excellent and exciting podcast

Dave Conley who taught me how to turn my phone black and white

Kate Riordan‘s brief stint as an organizational coach ended a couple of years ago, but you can find her current B2B business here

You’re Wrong About… The Obesity Epidemic Excellent podcast episode, or you can read an article on the same topic here.

Lara Wellman is my business coach and she is the BEST.

And finally…

This is the podcast interview with Oliver Burkeman that changed my life a bit.

(3) Inspired to work on your stories? Here’s how to take the next step.

While the way we communicate has changed during this lockdown, your impact doesn’t have to. 

You can engage your audience even when you’re online, whether it’s three members of your team or 300. Get them on your side from the first words you say. Motivate them to come together and go the extra mile, even in a trying time like this. Inspire them to feel passionate about the work you need them to do.

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

Have a presentation or keynote coming up, want me to present to your team — or just know you’d love to get better at storytelling with my help?

Let’s chat! We can jump on the phone – click HERE to book in a call, or just email me on marsha@yesyesmarsha.com

(4) My free training on the magic bullet for compelling stories — taught with a LOT of wigs — plus free coaching on Storytelling from me!

If you’d like free coaching via email (and stories and secrets I won’t put on the internet) – along with my guide for the magic bullet when it comes to storytelling, then just fill in your details below:

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