I work with individuals who know they have a powerful story to tell that will help others, but are struggling to make it animated, engaging and not too long!

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You’ve experienced something BIG and come out the other side better for it.

You know that by sharing this story, you could change someone’s life! Maybe she’d avoid pitfalls you couldn’t. Maybe he’d understand that he’s not alone, and it’s going to be ok.

Maybe you’ve already invented the solution – and in order to explain why it’s so important, you need to start with the story of how you came to need it in the first place.

But your story is toooo loooong – and not clear. How on earth are you going to pack that into three minutes – or even ten? What should you cut out? What should you leave in? Which parts of the story are essential, and which can wait until you write your autobiography??

Are you :

  • Incredibly passionate about your mission – and want to spread the word?
  • SO ready to share your story – but know that, right now, it’s four hours long and you don’t know how to shrink it down without losing any of the important parts(or speaking at the speed of Chipmunk)?
  • In the process of trying to strip your story down – only to find that it’s either too rammed with facts to be intelligible, or sounds dead and devoid of emotion. You know that, for impact, people need to connect with it on an emotional level, so you’re stuck.

I can show you how to wrestle your long, detailed, intricate story into whatever captivating length you need.

My talent lies in asking the right questions – then helping you choose which parts you include, in which order, for maximum impact.

As a result of working with me, you’ll have a way of telling your story that will:

  • affect real change and help people in need.
  • be any length you choose – from 20 minutes to thirty seconds
  • be engaging, emotional, educational and entertaining
  • have your audience begging to get involved!

How It Works:

— You and I get on a call for 2 — 2.5 hours. You bring your story, I bring my storytelling chops, and together we figure out just how to take that story from good to life-changing, legacy-building and viral.

— Then, if you’ve booked in more than one session, over the next 4–6 weeks, we come together again for more calls, during which we really polish your story — making sure it’s absolutely perfect, from patter to pauses.

— Of course, we’re not done just because your story is. I’m in this with you to share recordings of our calls, and the full range of my coaching expertise just waiting for you to tap.

You should know…

Our work together is intensive and intuitive: I’m not going to try to cram you through some sort of “storytelling bootcamp” or shove your speech into a pre-set process. Like all good stories, our work together will unfold naturally — and be so much more fun than you ever imagined.

Bottom line: I want your great ideas out there, changing the world for good, ASAP.

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The Result?

  • A way of telling your story that you’re really proud of, that connects instantly with people – and drives them to take action!
  • A polished story you can now use for networking events, pitch meetings, speaking engagements and videos
  • The chance to really make a difference in the world

Ready to share your wisdom, wit and wonderfulness with the perfect story?
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Prices start from $1997USD for one session. Payment plans available, email me for details: hello@yesyesmarsha.com


“I received the highest ratings I’ve ever gotten on a keynote I have given for years.”

Denise_B_Scott“Fun and uplifting, my sessions with Marsha got results. After a few simple, but extremely important tweaks, I received the highest ratings I’ve ever gotten on a keynote I have given for years. One woman from the national organization told me, ‘I’ve worked doing this 40 years and have seen thousands, I think that’s the best I’ve ever seen.’ And several people in the feedback forms told me that they cried.

Then, in just 15 minutes, she fixed another speech that I have struggled with and could never put my finger on what was wrong. I feel like I have gotten two speeches that are measurably better, but also the tools to create stronger talks in the future. Plus I have a cheerleader that I look forward to talking to instead of dreading!”

Denise Boudreau-Scott, President, Drive, Manasquan, New Jersey

Marsha totally over-delivered

Lorna GAger“From start to finish the experience has been fantastic and she totally over-delivered. My story is unique and interesting, but Marsha has helped me make it gripping, heartwarming and best of all – more enticing for women to want to work with me.
Lorna Gager, Wellness Coach and Inspirationalist, LornaGager.com

“If you have a chance to work with her – take it!”

Jonathan FieldsMarsha has a savant-like sense for story. But, she doesn’t stop there. She’s spent years not only telling her own stories to thundering applause on the stage and airwaves, but also helping to develop powerful stories for individuals and organizations. Along the way, she’s developed a proven-process to help anyone craft stories in a way that’s fun, entertainingand leaves them with a clear, emotional narrative designed to make an impact. If you have a chance to work with her privately or attend a workshop, take it!”

 Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project®, www.goodlifeproject.com

“Marsha understands the power of story and how to use it grab the attention of an audience.”

Jeff-Goins“Marsha Shandur is one of my favorite communicators in the world. Her skills as a storytelling teacher and coach are unparalleled, making anyone she works with instantly confident and comfortable.

As Tribe Conference’s official ‘Awkwardness Controller,’ she helps our community tell their stories by leading through her own example. Marsha understands the power of story and how to use it to grab the attention of an audience. Every time I hear her speak, I am captivated.

Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author and Founder of Tribe Conference, Nashville, TN

Before working with Marsha, I had suffered from terrible stage fright… but I actually enjoyed my time in the spotlight!

nadine-pradaI never thought of myself as the kind of person who could EVER get on stage in front of a packed audience and tell such a vulnerable story.

Surely I’d blank out in a fit of nerves and forget what I was supposed to say, or ramble on? I also suffered from terrible stage fright.

Marsha helped me shape my story by sifting through all the elements and arranging them in an impactful way. What we left out was as important as what we put in.

The result? I actually enjoyed my time in the spotlight! I’m left with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a feeling of connecting with people on a deeper level. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. Sharing my story made a difference to a lot of people. And I can cross something big off my Bucket List.”
Nadine Prada, Artist and Creative Director

“Marsha is a true master of her craft”

hrabBefore working with Marsha, turning one of my biggest life experiences into a ten minute story seemed impossible. And yet, after working with Marsha, I had the confidence and framework to make it happen. Marsha helped me hone in on the important elements of my story and shape it into a compelling narrative. She is a true master of her craft. Working with Marsha is like working with some kind of incredible storytelling wizard!
Naseem Hrab, Marketing Director and Author.

“Marsha is a story alchemist. I highly, highly recommend working with her”

Erin RodgersMarsha is a story alchemist. I will fully admit that I came to our meeting pretty cocky that I had an awesome story that was going to need no work at all. Suddenly, Marsha was finding all these new details and avenues of exploration. I started with a good, funny story, I ended with a much more powerful and vulnerable story that people still compliment me about (and it was MUCH funnier too). I highly, highly, recommend working with Marsha.”
Erin Rodgers CEO, Keener Events

“I learned so much from one session, I feel as if I took a 5-day intensive workshop on storytelling”

Lissa CowanWhen I first came to Marsha with my story, it was long and unwieldy, and I was lost as to how to shape it. Marsha was so thoughtful and intuitive as she helped me whip it into a kind of mini masterpiece. She didn’t tell me what to do, but let me draw my own conclusions to make it come alive. I learned so much from that one session that I feel as if I took a 5-day intensive workshop on storytelling.”
Lissa M. Cowan Author and Writing and Creativity Coach

I didn’t know that shy people could also be good storytellers

Ginny Santos“I didn’t know that shy people could also be good storytellers. Marsha was absolutely amazing at helping me craft my experience into an engaging story. She made me feel so comfortable and supported while sharing some really personal stuff. She helped me recognize the details that make my story compelling, she helped me create the hook and pointed out what I should include and what I should leave out. Now I have the confidence to tell my story in public knowing all the ways in which I can modify it and use it for different purposes while always knowing that people will love listening to it.”
Ginny Santos Creativist, Founder and CEO of NeOle

“She inspired me to find my voice as a storyteller

paul-dore“Workshopping my story with Marsha was essential to figuring out what it was that I wanted to express to my audience. Not only did she have an unbelievable instinct to help me get to the heart of the story, she inspired me to find my voice as a storyteller. Marsha’s enthusiasm for my story during our workshop was contagious and gave me the confidence to share it in front of 150 people.”
Paul Dore, Author

“Marsha helped me gather my ideas into a powerful, poignant message that connected with the my audience at their core”

Jeff Harry“Marsha is a Speaker Whisperer. She provided a judgment-free zone where I could vomit out all of my ideas and be vulnerable so I could get to the core of who I am. She then helped me coalesce all that into a powerful, poignant message that connected with the people in my audience at their core — all in my own, authentic voice.  She is generous with her time, feedback, and overall, is one of the best cheerleaders to have in your corner. Thanks to her, I now have powerful talk that impacts people on multiple levels.

Jeff Harry, VP of Marketing & Fun, PlayWell, Oakland, CA

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“Afterwards, I did the best public presentation I’ve ever done, business or artistic”

rick jones“I was skeptical of the very idea of Marsha helping me polish my story. After all, it had been okay before. I am skeptical no more; her insight and communications expertise helped me turn my little yarn into the best public presentation I’ve ever done, business or artistic. An hour with her was incalculably valuable. I say yes, yes to Marsha!”
Rick Jones Stand Up Comic

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