I work with game-changers who are in the process of raising money for their passion project by using a crowd-funding campaign. Hawaiian dress Marsha Shandur Caroline White Tweaked CROP

You’ve done the course. You know that the video on your fundraising page needs to be less than two minutes long – and that part of it must be you telling your story. But your story is loooong – how on earth are you going to pack that into 90 seconds?

Are you :

  • Incredibly passionate about your mission – but still need to get people on board?

  • Ready to create a video to raise the funds – but know that, right now, your story is four hours long and you don’t know how to tell it in two minutes or less (Are you kidding me??)

  • In the process of trying to strip your story down – only to find that it’s either too rammed with facts to be intelligible, or sounds dead and devoid of emotion. You know people will only ever part with money based on emotion, so you’re stuck.

I can show you how to wrestle your long, detailed, intricate story into one captivating minute.

As a result of working with me, you’ll have a way of telling your story that will:

  • help you raise the money you need to fund your project

  • be 60-90 seconds long (or any length that you choose)

  • be engaging, emotional, educational and entertaining

  • have viewers begging to get involved

  • breathe real life into your passion project – so that you can make the change you desire in the world (and have fun doing it!)

How It Works:


Step One: We’ll start with a pre-session assessment.
Consider this the debrief or the back-story session.

As a result of your answers, I’ll get fully up to speed on what it is that’s most important to you about your story, and have a real understanding of the project you are working so hard to fund.

Step Two: We shape the story.
Together we jump on skype or the phone for one and a half to two hours.

We’ll dive even deeper into your story – after all, it has to be so impactful that people take out their wallets and fork over cash!

Through a series of questions that you’ll be surprised are relevant, we will uncover the most compelling way to tell your story. I’m going to be honest, sometimes my brain just has a magic way of working this stuff out – so you get to take advantage of that, too!

You will leave understanding exactly what to omit from your story and the infomation that must be included to deliver a message that tugs at your audience’s emotion and leads to money for your passion project.



  • An mp3 recording of our call – so you can be fully present during the session and don’t have to furiously scribble down everything we say.

  • A follow-up 30 minute call within two weeks, to run through your new version of the story (once you’ve had the chance to practise it)

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The Result?

  • A way of telling your story that connects instantly with the viewer – and makes them desperate to help you
  • Funding for your dream project
  • The chance to really make a difference in the world.

Ready to hit your funding target? Then let’s talk!

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Marsha is a story alchemist. I will fully admit that I came to our meeting pretty cocky that I had an awesome story that was going to need no work at all. Suddenly, Marsha was finding all these new details and avenues of exploration. I started with a good, funny story, I ended with a much more powerful and vulnerable story that people still compliment me about (and it was MUCH funnier too). I highly, highly, recommend working with Marsha.” 
Erin Rodgers
CEO, Keener Events

When I first came to Marsha with my story, it was long and unwieldy, and I was lost as to how to shape it. Marsha was so thoughtful and intuitive as she helped me whip it into a kind of mini masterpiece. She didn’t tell me what to do, but let me draw my own conclusions to make it come alive. I learned so much from that one session that I feel as if I took a 5-day intensive workshop on storytelling.”
Lissa M. Cowan
Author and Writing and Creativity Coach

Workshopping my story with Marsha was essential to figuring out what it was that I wanted to express to my audience. Not only did she have an unbelievable instinct to help me get to the heart of the story, she inspired me to find my voice as a storyteller. Marsha’s enthusiasm for my story during our workshop was contagious and gave me the confidence to share it in front of 150 people.” 
Paul Dore

Marsha made me really look at storytelling in a new way. By pointing out key parts of a story that I would have normally glazed over and opening my eyes on how to play with silence and drama, working with Marsha has really been an amazing asset to my storytelling.”
Rhiannon Archer


I didn’t know that shy people could also be good storytellers. Marsha was absolutely amazing at helping me craft my experience into an engaging story. She made me feel so comfortable and supported while sharing some really personal stuff. She helped me recognize the details that make my story compelling, she helped me create the hook and pointed out what I should include and what I should leave out. Now I have the confidence to tell my story in public knowing all the ways in which I can modify it and use it for different purposes while always knowing that people will love listening to it.”
Ginny Santos

Creativist, Founder and CEO of NeOle

Are you ready to tell a compelling story that encourages your audience to fund your project?

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