The key to being heard, understood, and remembered is simple: knowing how to tell good stories.

Stories build trust and connection at a neurological level, make people care about even the driest topics, and position you as an indisputable expert and Leader in your field – and I can teach your audience the EXACT skills they need to make this happen.

As a storytelling expert who honed her chops as a radio DJ, has since spoken to audiences of 30 — 30,000 and has taught everyone from entrepreneurial students for Brock University to Social Enterprises for United Way, I’d love to give your organization a keynote to remember.

Clients include:

Keynotes On Offer:

1. Leaders with Legacy: How to Use Storytelling to Build Connection, Loyalty and Trust

How do you cultivate a team who are thrilled to come to work every day? Who will be fiercely loyal, go the extra mile and forever remember you as the Leader they most loved working for?
Marsha on the stage

By telling Stories.

Storytelling changes your listeners’ brains, literally creating trust and fostering powerful connection. It gets across information and ideas quickly, clearly, and smoothly, even when they’re complex, dry, or hard to hear.

When you know how to weave stories into your communication, you can foster the kind of engagement that other Leaders dream of – you become incredibly relatable and inspire deep, lasting loyalty without compromising your authority or blurring your emotional boundaries.

The best part? Storytelling isn’t some magical power or hit-and-miss talent that you either have or you don’t.

It’s a concrete, learnable skill, with specific rules and steps to follow.

In this engaging, funny keynote, I teach you how to make ANY story compelling right down to the neurological level, whether it’s a story about yourself, the organization, or a complex concept that would otherwise leave people yawning.

The result? You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to use stories to build the type of trust and connection that lets you truly, memorably Lead.

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2. Complex to Compelling – How to Use Storytelling to Make People Care About “Boring” Ideas

You know the look: you’re trying to explain an absolutely brilliant new concept or product to someone outside your industry, only to see your listener’s eyes slowly start to glaze over.

Marsha on the stage

Let’s be honest: sometimes technical topics like science, medicine, and technology aren’t the easiest things in the world for people to care about.

But what if you could bring ANY topic to life, regardless of its complexity, your listener’s lack of experience, or the dryness of the core content?

The way you do that? Telling stories.

Storytelling literally changes your listener’s brain, connecting them to you in a powerful way, even if they have zero experience in your field. It simplifies complex ideas, allows anyone to easily relate to your content, and it’s sticky – stories not only spread ideas, they make them unforgettable.

In this engaging and funny talk, I’ll talk you through the brain science behind powerful storytelling, then give you step-by-step instructions on how to tell ANY story in a way that enthralls your listeners – even if they have no previous experience with the subject matter and think they don’t care.

You understand why the work you do is so important. Now it’s time for you to show everyone else.

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3. Networking That’s Easy, Effective, and Actually FUN

There’s schmoozing, business card bingo, and smiling and nodding your way through yet another Power Hour … and then there’s real networking.

The kind that actually gets you in front of the leaders in your industry, makes the connections your organization needs to thrive, and doesn’t make you want to poke your eye out with a canapé toothpick.

That’s the kind of networking that really works – and that I LOVE teaching.

Marsha on the stage

In this fun, hands-on keynote training, learn how to actually ENJOY business events … and still walk away with connections the schmoozers can only dream about.

We’ll cover everything from making the approach right through to talking about yourself in a way that’s genuine and non-braggy, and even after-event follow up, where I’ll teach you my magic trick for being remembered as a peer and a friend by the heavyweights in your field.

The best bit? You don’t have to change your personality, learn a whole new set of strategies, or become some kind of Machiavellian jerk to work a room effectively.

You already have the skills to make powerful, real relationships with key players in your industry that will SKYROCKET your business, organization, and career. Isn’t it time you learned how to use them?

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4. Bespoke Speeches, Keynotes, and Trainings

Storytelling is a universal tool: it taps into parts of our brains that go at least back to the Paleolithic era, which means that it’s fundamentally human, so it’s useful for any human interaction, including anything having to do with business.

So if you know that your organization could do with some form of storytelling training – but you’re not exactly sure what that looks like – I happily create bespoke speeches, keynotes, and workshops that address your specific needs.

This could look like…

– Why storytelling is the ultimate executive career hack – and how you can use it to give your career a major boost.
– How to get your team talking to each other instead of at each other
– How to use stories to develop a culture of innovation in your organization
– Or something else specific to your organization.

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