My Terrible Admission (and Why It Might Not Be True)

I am a little nervous to tell you this.

Depending on where you stand, you’ll either:

narrow your eyes, smile, and nod in agreement
narrow your eyes, scowl and exhale in disgust.

My big confession

All of my life, I have never been a dog person. I’ve never understood why people like dogs.


HANG ON. As this picture suggests – spoiler alert – there has been some movement in this area.


A cautionary tale

A couple of weeks ago, I was going to visit my best friend in New York. We spoke two days beforehand.
Great news!”, she said. “We’re going to dog-sit my friend’s terrier, Snorri!”.

My heart sank as I pictured my clothes getting covered in gross fur, imagined the awful smell, then braced myself for picking up poo.

Wicked! Can’t wait!”. I said.

I don’t like to bum people out.


The visit came, and we turned up at the dog-owner’s place, empty but for Snorri. He was pretty excited to see us. He charged up and down the length of the apartment, jumping on and off the bed, stumpy little tail waggling like a strict nun’s finger. My frosty dog-disliking heart began to thaw.

We took Snorri to hang out in the park. It was a lovely day, so we got some lunch to eat on the grass, but I was steeling myself for how much effort it would be to hang on to his leash.

Turns out, I didn’t need to. Like us, Snorri just likes to lie around.


Another doggie superpower

This is the best bit: Snorri doesn’t like other dogs. DOESN’T LIKE OTHER DOGS.

So instead of having to hold on tight as he checked out every dog that walked past, we could relax; he wouldn’t even turn towards them.

We got home, and the flopping continued. As the humans lay around reading, Snorri lay around dogdreaming, or whatever it is they do when they’re doing nothing.

Even walking him was fine. Here’s the best bit: small dog – small poo. Substantially less unpleasant.


As the evening wore on, I realized: I really liked Snorri. Like, if the owners suddenly became wildly allergic and he needed a new owner, I would nominate myself. This has come as a huge surprise to me.

Since then, I’ve been hanging out with other dogs. Out of choice.
This is Alfie. I took him into my arms him up entirely of my own accord.

You’ll notice Alfie and Snorri have something in common:
Both small dogs.

A small dog – as it turns out – is a dog I can really get behind.


What this has to do with you

Sometimes, we have ideas about ourselves, that we cling to. We feel a certain way about something. This much we know. If someone asks us about it, we tell them. “I hate apples”; “I find swimming really boring”; “I don’t like dogs”.

But then, something (or someone, human or otherwise) can shift your perspective, and you realize that this complete conviction you have about yourself? NOT TRUE.

All your adult life, you’ve said to yourself,

I hate networking

I want to show you that this is just isn’t true. All you need is a Snorri-like perspective shift.
This could be the realization that you don’t hate
all networking, just some types of networking.


How I can help with this

Spend one session with me and I’ll show you that

you don’t hate networking
you are already good at it

I’m currently doing free 20 minute laser sessions on this. If you want to book one in, drop me an email to


Over To You

In the meantime, let me know if you’ve ever had a change in belief like I did about not liking dogs.

Have you been a coffee-hater, who came around and now can’t live without it? Did you think baseball was super-boring until that one live game you saw, and now you heart it? Or did a furry thing turn you around to its way of being?

Let me know in the comments below!



You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


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