How many times have you signed up for something, downloaded the AMAZING bonuses … and then totally forgot about them?

Everybody does it. Thousands of dollars worth of knowledge that you KNOW would lead to change and growth in your business…wasted.

If you’re reading this, it’s clear you want your business to change and grow because you’re already thinking about doing Liz Scully’s Mastering Mastermind course. As you know, we (Rachel and Marsha) are going to be doing the course right alongside you.

So we thought we’d do something to make SURE we get to use all of Liz Scully’s great bonuses for Mastering Masterminds — and give you some support in the weeks that follow the course. It’s called …


Do Your Homework with Marsha and Rachel!

Here’s how it works:

For four weeks after the spectacular Mastering Masterminds, you get to jump on a Zoom call with Rachel and Marsha. Together, we’ll go through the bonus teachings, and and do the exercises together. It’s a fun way to learn in a group — kinda like when your teacher wheeled the television into the classroom in primary school. You just knew it was going to be a good day :)

To make sure you get all the support you need, we’ll cap it off with a joint coaching session on July 3rd where we’ll figure out what your next step needs to be and help you make it happen. Whether it’s a review of some copy, questions about your content, storytelling, selling, or small business, you’ll have access to coaching from a stellar copywriter and an astonishingly great storyteller. (That’s us.)

We’d absolutely love for you to join us. Want to take Mastering Masterminds AND Do Your Homework With Rachel and Marsha?



It’s going to be so much fun. Who doesn’t like doing their homework with friends? Especially the kind of friends who can also give you great business advice.

The details:

Dates and Times:

July 3rd, 3–4:30pm ET
July 10th, 3–4:30p ET
July 17th, 3–4:30p ET
July 24th, 3–4:30p ET

And there will be recordings of all of the calls, for the moment when one of us says something BRILLIANT that we don’t want to forget :)

Any questions about the bonus or the course? Drop Marsha a line on