You love your business — but you absolutely hate selling.

And sure, you’ve heard all the advice that goes around the entrepreneur world, from the sweet-hearted “Selling helps people!” to the slightly more grim “Do it now or the business you love so much is doomed!”

You’ve researched pain points until your very soul feels bruised.

You’ve contorted yourself and your sales copy, trying to hit that sweet spot where it converts without you having to feel like you’re holding a gun to people’s heads, and it’s just not working.

The whole thing feels horrible, like you either have to bully your people into paying you or go broke yourself.

Marsha-from-Yes-Yes-MarshaBut what if you could write a sales page that not only benefits your business — it helps your people too, even if they don’t buy from you?

I’m Marsha, and I will absolutely not help you write a sales page.

At least, not the kind you’re thinking of. You know, 2,500 words of emotional manipulation and shady infomercial tactics.

Because here’s the truth: people don’t buy from sales pages. They buy from people.

This means that, if you want to create a sales page that actually works without feeling like you’ve sold your soul in the process, you can’t stick to the normal “Pain point, Solution, Call to Action” formula. You have to think bigger, on a human to human level.

Selling really is helping. But you can’t help people if you don’t truly understand them.

That’s where I come in. Using my unique blend of storytelling and sales chops, I can help you figure out who your people are deep down, how you need to talk about what you do so they can care and convert, and how you can give them one of the greatest gifts one person can give to another: connection.

Hang on, what’s this got to do with sales pages?

Ultimately, we’re all afraid of the same thing: that we’re the only person in the world who feels like we do. That’s a big part of why we buy things, after all, to make ourselves feel better. And while that’s all well and good, the only thing that really fills that hole is connection — feeling like we’re not alone.

And that’s just what your sales page will do for people. Sure, it’ll convert for your business. But it will also give your people the precious gift that is the moment you realize you’re not alone. By showing them just how deeply you get them, you’ll show them that all those deep down, shame-filled scripts they have rattling around in the back of their brains are just that: scripts. And that as much as it may feel like it sometimes, they’re not the only ones who have them.

Reading your sales page will feel like an incredible gift, not another punch in the gut in service of a bottom line. Why? Because you’ll be telling them the four most powerful words in the English language:

You are not alone.

When we understand we’re not alone, we feel like we belong. And, as humans, belonging is a basic psychological need, one of things we crave the most.

So just from reading your sales page, your people will have gotten a huge hit of something we all deeply need: reassurance, connection, and belonging. Not quite your normal slash and burn sales tactics, right?

Here’s how it works. Together, we’ll:

— Figure out what your audience really cares about. Think pain points, deepest wishes, what they need, and what they think they need. (Hint: Ever had a client that reminded you of a former version of yourself? Then you already know SO much more than you think you do!)

— Use your natural empathy and my storytelling expertise to work out how you can use that info to write a sales page that makes your people instantly feel like, “That’s me!” and pushes away the people you don’t want.

— Clock any existing language you have that’s turning your people off or obscuring your message. (Think: coaching-speak, fluffy prose, things that mean a lot to you and absolutely nothing to your audience, etc.)

— Review the sales page you create using that info and a detailed structure guide from me for any last minute tweaks and polishes.

The result? You walk away with a sales page that’s personal, polished, and an absolute powerhouse of connection and conversion.

Ready to create a sales page that helps you and your people?

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“If you have a chance to work with her – take it!”

Jonathan FieldsMarsha has a savant-like sense for story. But, she doesn’t stop there. She’s spent years not only telling her own stories to thundering applause on the stage and airwaves, but also helping to develop powerful stories for individuals and organizations. Along the way, she’s developed a proven-process to help anyone craft stories in a way that’s fun, entertainingand leaves them with a clear, emotional narrative designed to make an impact. If you have a chance to work with her privately or attend a workshop, take it!”

 Jonathan Fields, Founder of Good Life Project®,

“Now I have a sales page that my potential clients want to read to the end!”

“Before working with Marsha, I was struggling to find a format that worked for me between all the different sales page formulas people tell you to follow. Her visualization really helped me focus on where my clients are and what they want (which was also part of my story!). Marsha helped me to use language that people understand and that doesn’t sound ‘coach-y.’

Now I have a sales page that highlights all the points I want to bring across, focusing on what’s really important – and that my potential clients want to read to the end. I love how it looks!

Susanne Schwameis, Career & Leadership Coach, Vienna, Austria

“I loved how present and detailed Marsha is and her unique ability to pick up on the really good stuff.”

Evelina-Hovich“I loved how present and detailed Marsha is and her unique ability to pick up on the really good stuff… which I didn’t even think was good. Apparently, I was very clear on my ICA pain points, and it didn’t sound general at all – YAY! This was something that I would cringe when asked ‘what problem do I solve’ questions. And after just what seems like a casual talk with Marsha, she managed to get these super clear out of me.”

Evelina Hovich, Health & Wellness Coach, Toronto, ON

“Marsha helped me out of the weeds, weave a story that was compelling for our target market, and wordsmith a few variations based on audience and type of conversation.”

Laurie_Paleczny“I recently contracted Marsha Shandur for assistance in packaging one of our complex digital product offerings for an upcoming conference I was speaking at. Through a series of questions, Marsha helped me out of the weeds, weave a story that was compelling for our target market, and wordsmith a few variations based on audience and type of conversation.

I used the new way of talking at the conference, and with our customers and found it simplified the conversations and made it easier for people to understand. Months later, we are still using the language developed by Marsha to tell our story. I will definitely work with Marsha again.”

Laurie Paleczny, President, Dash Digital Group,

“Marsha was able to hold the big picture and create a coherent, dramatic, and interesting map of my point a to b.”

Michelle-Rothstein“Before working with Marsha, I knew I had a story I wanted to tell but wasn’t sure how it connected to the work that I do. I wanted that link. I wanted to understand how I got from there to here. Marsha was able to hold the big picture of all these bits and pieces and create a coherent, dramatic, and interesting map of my point a to b. I would recommend Marsha to anyone who has a story they are dying to tell!

Michelle Rothstein, Executive Coach, WorkModern

“Marsha totally over-delivered.”

Lorna-Gager“Marsha totally over-delivered. My story is unique and interesting, but Marsha has helped me make it gripping, heartwarming and best of all – more enticing for women to want to work with me.

The new version also leaves people with something even if they never work with me. In other words – it ticks all the boxes of what a good story should be in our entrepreneurial world. Marsha is truly gifted at story coaching.”

Lorna Gager, Wellness Coach and Inspirationalist,