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  1. A quick re-cap of what you learned
  2. A free email template, just for fun
  3. How to sign up for your FREE guide on how to remember anyone’s name

1. What you learned today!

The five steps I gave you, for how to answer the question, “What do you do?”:

  1. Relax – people are usually only asking because they want to have a nice conversation.
  2. Remember, the questions is not “What is your job title on LinkedIn?”, it’s, “What do you DO?” – so tell them what you actually do.
  3. Use the formula:
    I help [demographic] [solve problem or pain point] [using this method or feature] [to get this result or benefit]
  4. Tell them a story – give them a visual
  5. If you’re new to what you want to do, it’s ok to answer as if this is ALL that you do. Unless your Grandmother is asking, the question is not, “From what do you make a full time living?”. So tell them what you (like to) do!


2. A free Email Template – How to ask a favour from a VIP
(just click on the title to see it, or right click/Ctrl + click to download)

How to ask a Big-Shot for a favour – email template

3. Free, coaching & How To Remember ANYONE’s Name

If you’d like to join the Yes Yes Marsha Mailer Family – and get advice, stories and secrets that I won’t put on the internet – along with my fail-safe guide for how to remember ANYONE’S name, sign up here. It’s free!

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