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This dress has pockets. POCKETS. No wonder I look so happy.

If you’re anything like I was before I met Kendrick, you’re terrified of Sales. How do you do it without feeling sleazy? Won’t people think you’re pushy and run for the hills??

Working with Kendrick changed everything for me. She taught me the nuts and bolts of authentic selling – of showing my dream clients that my services were EXACTLY what they needed, in a way that felt comfortable to me.
One thing that was a game-changer for me?

Articulating my clients’ deepest thoughts, using my Storytelling chops.

When you show clients that you understand their deepest, shame-y thoughts around their problem, you do tell them three things:

1. “I’m the one for you”. They understand that you GET them on a profound level. So it draws your guys to you (and pushes others away!)

2. “There is hope”. Because if you stuck it on a Sales page, there must be a solution, right?

But, the most important and powerful thing you tell them is this. The four most powerful words in the English Language:

3. You Are Not Alone

You tell them, “It’s ok for you to be who you are, just as you are, right now”.

This is POWERFUL. When we feel like we’re not alone, our brain releases Oxytocin (bonding) and Dopamine (reward) – but also Serotonin – which calms us down.

We crave belonging more than ANY OTHER in the world – more than being happy.

So, by using this technique in your Sales pages?

You’re giving potential clients the thing they crave MOST in the world – even if they never buy!

From a service perspective – this is huge. And from a Sales one: your potential clients will think, “If she did this much for me and I hadn’t even paid her any money… how much do I get once I have??”

But how do you know what those thoughts are?

And how do you express them in a way that’s concise, and has the maximum impact?

I can help you.

I’m Marsha. I’ve been shaping stories on-air and online for over 20 years. First as a radio DJ, producer and podcaster, then as an author, now as the Story Coach for everyone from speakers at TEDx to Portland’s World Domination Summit (where I’m the conference’s official Story Coach),  – and for world-changers like you, who know they have powerful ways to help, but don’t always know how to tell their clients that.

I know that Sales School will change your life. Kendrick changed mine. I no longer have to hustle for new clients. While people hire me to do story coaching, they often ask for extra sessions, so that I can coach them on their Sales copy – and vice-versa. 

I worked intensively with Kendrick, one-on-one, for ten months, and I’ve been through Sales School three times. I KNOW this stuff inside out.

If you want to take your new Sales School Skills to the next level, I’m your lady.

Buy Sales School through any of the links on this page, and I’ll give you a FREE Selling With Storytelling Soul Experience. I have never encountered a single other person using this method

Here’s how it works:

Step One: You go through Sales School. This is essential, so that you have the foundation to make our work INCREDIBLY powerful

Step Two: You and I meet in a 2 hour Story Discovery Session. This is the fun part! I interview you about your ideal clients – what we know about them, what they need and what you do for them. Then, we get deep – I help you climb inside their brain to figure out what their deepest painful thoughts are around the problem that your services solve, and show you how to articulate these. We figure out the language that will INSTANTLY connect with them – and have them desperate to work with you.

Step Three: you go off and work on your new Sales page by yourself, then send me your first draft, either written or on video or audio. Why don’t I write the page for you? Because I want you to FULLY UNDERSTAND FOR YOURSELF how to write powerful stories – and you can’t do that when I’m doing all the homework! This will bake the process into your bones, so you can do it again and again.

Step Four: we jump back on Zoom (it’s like Skype – but better!), I make any tweaks to your page I feel it needs (in front of you, so you can understand the reasons for them), and then send you off, with a powerful Sales page, ready to win the hearts of all your dream clients!


  • A recording of all your calls. This is especially helpful for the first call – because, you now have a record of all the stories you can use in future Sales materials.

  • Networking Materials. Authentic Selling is a lot like Authentic Networking – and, schooled by the best (aka Kendrick!), I have email templates to help you get it right. I’ll give you all of mine that you can download and keep, along with access to my class on how to answer the question, “What Do You Do?”

  • An audio recording of the meditation I use to help you find the words we use – so that you do this process again on your own, for other Sales pages.


$1000 USD – or priceless, if you consider that I don’t know ANYONE ELSE using this method, that I evolved from my Storytelling Coaching process.


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I am a proud affiliate of Sales School because I believe in this course SO MUCH. Kendrick Shope totally changed my life, and i KNOW she can change yours.

Add into that these internal monologue Storytelling skills? And, when it comes to writing Sales copy, you’ll go from “yuck” to “YES YES!

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“Now I have a Sales page that my potential clients want to read to the end!”

“Before working with Marsha, I was struggling to find a format that worked for me between all the different sales page formulas people tell you to follow. Her visualization really helped me focus on where my clients are and what they want (which was also part of my story!). Marsha helped me to use language that people understand and that doesn’t sound ‘coach-y.’

Now I have a Sales page that highlights all the points I want to bring across, focusing on what’s really important – and that my potential clients want to read to the end. I love how it looks!

Susanne Schwameis, Career & Leadership Coach, Vienna, Austria

“I loved how present and detailed Marsha is and her unique ability to pick up on the really good stuff.”

Evelina-Hovich“I loved how present and detailed Marsha is and her unique ability to pick up on the really good stuff… which I didn’t even think was good. Apparently, I was very clear on my ICA pain points, and it didn’t sound general at all – YAY! This was something that I would cringe when asked ‘what problem do I solve’ questions. And after just what seems like a casual talk with Marsha, she managed to get these super clearly out of me.”

Evelina Hovich, Health & Wellness Coach, Toronto, ON

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