The sales copy hack that makes everything easier and less pushy

woman with black hair hiding her face

Sitting at my desk, I stared at the floor with my jaw jutted forward.

I swore under my breath and looked back at the computer screen. The cursor on the blank document was blinking at me, like it had a question. I imagined it asking,


“I don’t KNOW,” I said, sulkily.

woman with black hair hiding her face

A year after I started my business, I decided to get serious. I spent more money than I’d ever spent on anything hiring Kendrick Shope — the best Sales Coach I knew — to work with me one-on-one. She’d made huge strides into my sales-resistant brain, helping me understand that it was ok to charge people who have money for my services, showing me how to do consults and teaching me the lost art of following up.

But there was one last mountain I was struggling to climb.

Writing sales copy.

Kill me.

The thing was, I knew that the language I needed to write it was in my brain somewhere.

When I was deep in conversation with people, it came out. That was how I’d got my first few clients. The next few came from word-of-mouth. And I was really good at coaching! I got rave reviews.

So… how come I couldn’t tell other people about what I did in a way that made them get it straight away? Whether it was introducing myself at a networking event, writing my About page or… Sales Copy. Ugh.

I knew I was supposed to talk about their pain points and desires. But articulating those felt like trying to pull something out of my brain that was shrouded behind that heavy material people put on furniture when they’re painting. I just couldn’t get to it.

Kendrick and I had a Skype call later that afternoon. Part way through, in her delightful Southern accent, she said,

“Marsha, ah wanna try a thought experiment on you. If ah were to give you $500 to spend on your business right now, where would you spend it?”

Without missing a beat, I said, “Hiring a copywriter to do my sales copy.”

She smiled. And sang, “So-rry! Ah wouldn’t let you. If you wanna run a successful business, you need to learn how to write your own sales copy. After *that you can hire someone else to do it for you.”

With much gnashing of teeth (from me) and some exceptionally helpful sales page templates (from her), Kendrick finally got me to a place where I could write a decent sales page. With that, and all the other sales skills she taught me, my business finally started making good money.

Three years later, everything shifted again.

Because I realised something HUGE:

Of course the language was inside me — because it used to be my language! My ideal customer was a former version of ME. That’s why I teach this stuff — because I don’t want other people to have to make the same mistakes I did!

(well, and also because teaching it is really fun. That counts for a lot.)

And how do you get that language out of the depths of my brain and onto the page? You take yourself back to that time in your life in your mind.

But if you’re not sure how to do that — you’re in luck.

This is exactly what I do with my Sales Pages With Soul clients.

During the sessions walk you through a visualization which helps you access what it was like to be where your ideal client is right now, and where they want to be. Inside those places, we figure out exactly what they’re thinking, both about what they need to change and what they wish was true instead.

This helps you come up with words and phrases that make it easy-peasy for you to say, “I can help you with that.” Because if they know you get it and get them, they’re already pretty certain that you’re the person they need.

Click here to find out more:

When you can nail this language — when you can figure out the words and phrases your ideal clients are using to articulate the problems you can help them with and the desires they have — it changes EVERYTHING.

It gives you material for every blog post, every newsletter, every sales page, every about page, every “Please introduce yourself to the rest of the table in 30 seconds” networking event exercise you do.

And not just any material — it gives you a way of talking about what you do that makes your ideal clients instantly go, “OH! Thank GODS, finally!! I’ve been looking for your for months.”

It makes selling easy, because it’s no longer about saying,


Instead, you’re just saying,

“Hey, F.Y.I. — I do/have/make this thing that is the exact thing you want right now. If you would like it from me, I’d be delighted!”

Doesn’t that feel better?

Do you want selling yourself to feel less like selling yourself?

Is your ideal client some former version of you?

Yes? Then this is going to be EASY.

Here’s to a sales page being something you can actually feel proud of. Really!

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


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