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Here you’ll find:


(1) Link to the article about using feelings in storytelling and the brain science behind why you need to do it.

(2) Two videos of my stories

(3) Info on what to do if you want to take this to the next level and work on your story (or storiES!)

(4) A photo of me with that bloody plant (best thing that ever happened to me)

(5) How to get my free training for how to remember ANYONE’s name (plus free email coaching from me)


(1)  The SCIENCE behind using emotion in storytelling – and why you NEED to be using it in your copy or when you teach:


(2) Two stories of mine.

Granny story (thoughtful):

Snake story (funny):


(3) Inspired to work on YOUR story? Here’s how to take the next step.

I would love – LOVE – to help you. To learn how to tell stories in a way that powerfully resonates with your dream clients – or if you already HAVE a powerful story and you’d like me to help shape it and show you how to tell it in a way that instantly resonates and affects people – click HERE to find out more:

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(4) Me and that plant

(5) Free Coaching / Free training on how to remember ANYONE’S name (even if you’re usually bad at that.

If you’d like free coaching (and stories and secrets I won’t put on the internet) – along with my free training on “How to Remember ANYONE’S Name”, then just fill in your details below:

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PS if you’d like to take this further, I’d LOVE to chat. Let’s! Click HERE to book in a call (free, no-obligation), or just email me on

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