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Here you’ll find:

(1) Captivating Story checklist and 4 questions to ask before ANY presentation

(2) Those two TEDx talked I’ve coached that I mentioned 

(3) Info on what to do if you want to work on your story (or storiES!)

(4) How to get hold of my free training for the magic bullet to telling captivating stories (plus free email coaching from me)

(1) PDFs of the Captivating Stories Checklists and the 4 Questions to Ask before you do ANY presentation

Don’t write a presentation without them! Click the words to read them or right click/Ctrl+click to download the PDF

4 Questions to Ask Before ANY Talk or Presentation

Captivating Stories Checklist PDF — PRINTABLE

Captivating Stories Checklist PDF — DIGITAL (with fillable boxes)

(2) TEDx talks I mentioned that I coached

Trudi Lebron. Note how the story we led with is a TINY MOMENT, but people loved it 


Mohamed O Mohamed. You’ll see how we started with two contrasting action scenes to capture their attention and get his point across.


(3) Inspired to sharpen up your messaging storytelling? Here’s how to take the next step

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

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(4) My free training on the magic bullet for compelling stories — taught with a LOT of wigs — plus free coaching on Storytelling from me!

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