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“I want to move. Eddie Murphy told Chris Rock, ‘If you don’t move when you’re on stage, it gives the audience permission to look away from
you – because they know where you’re going to be’. So if you’re moving, there’s a primal thing of like, this motherfucker could attack us at any moment. I tell people all the time, ‘This shit is not radio, man. You got to fucking move. You got to be commanding.’

I want to make eye contact with the audience. I want to shout, literally, because if you shout, it’s another primal thing. People think, ‘Well, this must be important’. And smile! A girl I was dating, I would give her $200, and for every time I smiled on stage, she had to give me $20 back. And the first time I lost $120. But slowly but surely, I got it all back. You just have to train yourself.

Human faces are programmed to mimic one another. So that’s why I want to make eye contact with people because if I see somebody laughing, then I will remember, ‘Oh, this is funny’. Then that makes me laugh and then it’s a bit of a force multiplier in terms of you taking it into the joke. You take the energy of the joke. You’re laughing. They’re laughing. It’s like yawning.”
– Neal Brennan

Excerpt from ‘Off The Mic: The World’s Best Stand Up Comedians Get Serious About Comedy‘.

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