A sales page (and conversation) tip that’ll make ideal clients DESPERATE to work with you

On the right Marsha and on the left a sign a sales page (and conversation) tip that'll make ideal clients DESPERATE to work with you

A lot of us feel GROSS about writing sales pages or having sales conversations. Like we’re trying to force our stuff on people.

And when we’re then told to include your ideal clients pain points? Forget it! So pushy!

Except…. what if talking about their pain points actually helped them?

What if including pain points gave your dream clients the thing they crave most in the entire world — EVEN IF THEY NEVER BUY FROM YOU?

When done right, this is possible. And in this video, I show you how!

Transcription below, or click below to watch:

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You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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Pain points.

You’ve heard you need to talk about them if you want to get clients, but the idea of doing that makes you feel pushy and gross.

Today I’m going to show you how to talk about your clients’ pain points without feeling like you need to take a shower afterwards.

So when I say, “pain points”, what I mean is all the different ways that your potential clients feel bad right now, that you can help with. Now you may have heard people say, “You need to talk about pain points on your website and in your sales conversation because people will always move away faster from pain than they will move towards pleasure.” Now that is true — I call that prodding the bruise (I used to call it poking the wound until I realized that that’s disgusting). But that prodding might still feel gross to you.

Here’s another idea: Rather than just listing the pain points, list them in the form of the crappy internal monologues that your ideal clients are having when they’re freaking out at two in the morning.

There are three reasons why this is great:

(1) It gives you a ton of credibility.

It says to them, “I get you and I get where you’re at.” It says to them, “I am for you and I’m not for everyone.” And it says to them, “When you tell me your problems I am gonna take your shameful secret stuff and I am going to treat it carefully and with respect because I understand what you’re going through.”

(2) It gives them hope.

It says to them, “I have found a solution to this problem. Maybe I’m not your solution, but at least one exists so probably there is a way out of where you are.”

But the third one is my favorite:

(3) It also gives them the thing they crave MOST in the entire world

When you can list what they’re going through when they’re freaking out at two in the morning, when you can list the stuff they often won’t even tell their friends, you’re saying to them the four most powerful words in the English language:

You Are Not Alone.

When we feel like we’re not alone, we feel like we belong. And your saying to them, “You belong — not when you fixed yourself, not when you’ve got better. You belong where you are right now.”

That’s powerful connection. Nothing stops shame faster than knowing somebody else is going through the same thing that you’re going through.

And when we feel that sense of belonging, our brains release dopamine (happiness); oxytocin (bonding and trust) (trust is very important for sales!!); and serotonin (which calms us down).

We crave that feeling of belonging more than we crave any other feeling. More than we crave happiness. It’s why we so often want a long-term sweetheart or pets or kids or a best friend, because we want to belong to someone and have someone belong to us.

So if you include in your copy (and/or your sales conversations) language that echoes those two am freaking-out internal monologues that your clients are having, you’re giving them the thing that they crave most in the entire world. Before they spend a cent with you. Which from a service point of view is huge! And from a marketing point of view?

“If they’ve done this much for me and I haven’t spent any what’s gonna happen when I actually pay them…?”

So how do you figure out what that internal monologue is saying?

Ask them. Ask your current clients. Ask your past clients. If you don’t have any clients yet, then speak to people who you know are suffering from the problem that you help solve and ask them, “What’s the thing that you’re most worried about? What’s the thing that you’re most scared about?”

Or if your ideal client is some former version of you, then ask yourself, “How did I feel when I was in that place? What was I thinking?”

To review: if you want your ideal clients to know that you are the one for them, if you want them to feel hope, and if you want to say to them the four most powerful words in the English language, you are not alone, then make sure when you’re writing on your website, when you’re having sales conversations, you use language that reflects the internal monologues they have when they’re freaking out at two in the morning.

SO, are you doing this right now? If so, let me know (with a link, if you like!) in the comments below. If not — and you’d like some help, that is LITERALLY one of my favourite things to do with you. Take a look here: yesyesmarsha.com/saleswithsoul

You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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