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You are what you listen to glowing sign

You are what you listen to glowing sign

I just got back from a week’s trip in the country. So I am keeping this week’s blog short, and there are no secret messages* in it. BUT — while I was away, I sat in a field being crawled on by a baby while listening to a lot of podcasts.  And inspired by Amy Porterfield’s brilliant, brilliant brilliant of one, I ​may​ have made a podcast of my own for you. I’ve recorded five episodes (each one less than 10 mins, so easy to digest). When I’ve recorded five more, I’ll start releasing them.

First, here are the podcasts I listened to:


(1) Interviews with Johann Hari

Johann Hari did a podcast way back when that i LOVED. He would discuss political ideas in this way that never made me feel stupid, in spite of my (at that time, very very very) scant political knowledge. So I decided to search iTunes podcasts for him this week.

Turns out, he’s had two books out in recent years, and they both sound AMAZING. One on addiction, and how it’s not caused by what most of us think it is. And one on depression and anxiety, and how our model of dealing with them both is very flawed. He’s traversed the world, interviewing doctors, scientists, community organisers, drug barons, family members of people affected and loads of ​really interesting people. And in these podcasts, he shares a bunch of what he learned. My favourite that I listened to was:

The One You Feed, Eric Zimmer interviews Johann Hari


Two I should have listened to AGES ago:

(2) The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Frances-White

Deborah and I wrote a book together (about stand up comedians), so it’s shameful that it’s taken me so long to listen to this.

But.. the thing is… it was almost immediately WILDLY successful (it’s been downloaded over 25m times) (TWENTY. FIVE. MILLION. TIMES.), so I knew she didn’t ​need​ me to in a hurry….

And guess what, it’s brilliant. Hilarious and moving and VERY NEEDED TODAY.



(3) Women At Work (soon to be She Works Collective) with Samantha Sutherland

I shouldn’t technically be promoting this yet as it’s about to have a rebrand, but this is the new podcast by one of my best friends, and even though it’s aimed at mums working in corporate, which I am not, I absolutely loved listening to it.

My favourite episode was #5, with Tracy Spicer. As all excellent interviews should, it felt less like I was listening to a formal interview, and more like I was hanging out with two old friends talking:




(4) Beyond Applause by Michelle Barry Franco

MBF is an AMAZING speaking coach. She ran the WDS Academy on how to be an amazing speaker, that I did a 30 mins insert in about storytelling. And her podcast is *fantastically informative.




(5) Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Other than my fave silly podcast (see below), this is the podcast I’ve most listened to ever, I think. If you run a business that has an online component, mailing list etc, you NEED this podcast. It’s incredible. She puts SO MUCH valuable information into every single episode. And it’s so inspiring! (See: I recorded five episodes of a podcast in two days while out walking with a baby on my back)

Rather than recco’ing a particular episode (she’s done hundreds) just look for topics you want to learn about. YOU ARE WELCOME.




I didn’t actually listen to this on holiday, because I was mostly with the baby and they use the C word a bit (Brits. It’s kind of our ​thing.) and I know she can’t understand yet but it still feels weird. But this is my favourite podcast of all time and makes me incapacitated with laughter, so here, I’m sharing it.

Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown

It’s really, really stupid. If you like ten minute stories told purely for the sake of a pun, this is for you. I love it so much that I won’t let myself listen unless I’m cleaning, so it makes me clean my house.




That’s it! Thanks so much for reading. Do you know and love/don’t love any of these? Or if I inspired you to listen to one, which did you, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


*if you don’t know what this means, read the Yes Yes Family mailer on any other week, and you can find out! Also, you get free coaching on storytelling via email. Also my BEST client secret (and a magic bullet for storytelling). Want to get all this, and become a member of the Yes Yes Family, for FREE? Just pop your details in below!


  • Brian G

    Reply Reply July 25, 2018

    Another great piece. I borrowed Johanne’s 2nd book (Lost Connections) from the library- a great read. I first heard him interviewed on Tell Me Everything; John Fugelsang’s show on Sirius. Will check out the interview you mention, as well as Amy’s podcast.
    I resisted downloading a podcast app (not technophobic- time management concerns) until I subscribed to DNR2.0.
    Highlights from my current podcast list include:
    DNR2.0 Derek & Romaine
    (LGBT and friends) $ subscription;
    Fake The Nation, Negin Farsad
    (Political humour);
    Food 4 Thot, 4 queer Creatives of colour
    (Sex, relationships, identity + more);
    Kill Me Now with Judy Gold
    (Interviewing comedy folks);
    Rule of Three
    (British podcast discussing humour);
    The Smartest Man In The World
    (Greg Proops talks about multiple topics);
    YesterQueer, Caelan + Anthony
    (Often factual chat about people + stuff from days past).
    Thanks again.

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