Imagine how it would feel if networking was effortless.

You could:

  • go to business events and actually ENJOY them – then come away knowing that you’ve made a slew of top-notch contacts
  • get in touch with big-shots in your industry – with confidence that they will happily reply and WANT to help you
  • have a huge grid of people you can ask for favours or collaborations – and know that they’ll be stoked to hear from you
  • become known as THE person in your industry with your set of skills and talents – and be considered both a peer and a friend by the heavyweights in your field
  • stop struggling to find your customers and experience the ease of having them find you 

Marsha listened to my anxieties and created an approach unique to my Lacy Warnerneeds.
The best part was finding out that I don’t have to rely on instinct. I can be very practical and strategic about networking.
– Lacy Warner, Writer
New York City, NY

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What I will do for you

I’ll teach you skills, tips and tricks that make networking not only do-able – but something you love. Events that you previously dreaded will become occasions where you THRIVE.

You receive tailored scripts for exactly what to say to people – both in person, and over email.

You’ll discover how to build actual relationships with your heroes – people whom you’ll soon be calling your FRIENDS.

And we’ll do it all in way that feels genuine, easy and even a little thrilling.

Marsha doesn’t presume that networking comes naturally Graham Albans
to everyone. Instead, she demonstrates how easy it can be.
– Graham Albans, Broadcast Assistant, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2
London, UK

 How it works

We’ll start with a pre-session assessment.

This will help me discover exactly how you feel about networking, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you most yearn to work on – so that I can tailor our session to your specific needs.

Then we’ll jump on the phone or skype for 60 minutes. Together, we’ll create a networking strategy that suits YOU. You’ll get all my tips, tricks and secrets for how to enjoy yourself AND build solid, genuine relationships with people you want to work with.  

Networking does not have to be hard, you don’t have to change your personality and become a schmooze machine. Prepare to be amahayhayhazed at how easy it is to do genuine networking. You already have the skills – I’ll show you how to use them to build powerful, real relationships with key players in your industry, that will SKYROCKET your business or career. 


Personalized notes from our conversation, so that you can focus every bit of your excited mind on listening and brainstorming.
This will also include templates that you can use as guides when writing emails, scripts for what to say in different situations, and specific action points just for you.

I’ll also give you my so-good-it’s-like-magic, step-by-step guide for remembering names of and facts about someone you’ve just met. Trust me that this is a game-changer.

A one month check-in. This will keep you accountable, making sure you’re on track with your new networking strategy.
I can also answer any questions that have arisen since you began trying out your new arsenal of tricks and practices.

The Result?

  • Contacts that can supercharge the speed at which your business/career takes off.

  • Wonderful new relationships with people you have long admired and now love working with.

  • Collaborations with others that make you money and get you discovered by a new group of potential clients

  • Major players in your industry knowing who you are, what you do, and what opportunities there are for you to work together.

  • Visibility to a host of new ideal clients, who’ve now found their way to you

I’m a naturally shy person, but Marsha made me feel like making connections Libby Louer CROPPedwith people is really easy. She makes networking seem doable!
– Libby Louer, Holistic Health Coach,, Rochester, NY

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