My favourite story I’ve ever coached. It’ll make you cry.

“Love is like an envelope around a letter. It offers protection.”

When I tell people that my job is to help them tell their stories, I often hear, “But I don’t have any good stories! I’ve never had anything that exciting happen to me!”. I always reply that my favourite stories – like the one you’re going to hear today – aren’t those of jumping out of helicopters or rescuing families from avalanches; they’re just ordinary, everyday life ones, beautifully told.

Naseem Hrab’s story is not only one of my favourites we’ve ever had at my live show True Stories Told Live, it’s also my favourite story I’ve ever coached someone on – and, one of my favourite stories of all time. If the last two minutes doesn’t move you to tears… well, it’ll be a first for anyone I know that’s heard this story.

If you have a story you’d like help telling in way that’s as compelling and beautiful as Naseem’s, I would love – LOVE! – to help. It’s literally my favourite thing that I do. Find out more, here:

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