Thanks so much for hanging out with Hayley and I on the podcast!

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On this page, you’ll find:

    1. Networking Email Templates – that you can save, copy and tweak
    2. Your “How and Where To Research” PDF – to download and keep
    3. PDF of my workshop slides – plus explanatory notes
    4. A ‘Copy and Tweak’ Spreadsheet for Networking Follow Ups
    5. My class on how to answer the question “What do you do?”
    6. How to get my FREE guide to remember ANYONE’S name – plus free coaching about storytelling and communication


1. Yes Yes Marsha Email Templates

(just click on the title to see it, or right click/Ctrl + click to download)

“Nice To Meet You” Email Template

“Asking Big Shot For a Favour” Email Template 

“Asking Someone Important Out for a Coffee” Email Template

How to write to your hero to say thank you – Thursday Thank You Email Template

“Asking a Long-Lost Colleague or Friend for a Favour” Email Template


2. How and Where to Research People Cheat Sheet

How and Where To Research PDF – CLICK HERE


3. Workshop Slides and Notes

Yes Yes Marsha Workshop Slides and Notes


4. Copy & Tweak Spreadsheet for Email Follow Ups

Click HERE to have a look!


5. How to answer, “What do you do?”

5. Free coaching on storytelling and networking – plus PDF/video of How To Remember ANYONE’s Name

If you’d like to join the Yes Yes Family – and get advice, stories and secrets that I won’t put on the internet – along with the PDF and video for my fail-safe guide for how to remember ANYONE’S name, sign up here. It’s free!

Thanks again for listening!

You rule,

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha


  • Carlos Weisz

    Reply Reply March 12, 2019

    Hi Marsha

    Just wanted to thank you for all your great advice on the podcast with Hayley from Motion Hatch and for sharing all these awesome resources for download.

    I live in Toronto and while looking at your social media saw that you are based here too and you host The True Stories Told Live events which looks great! Will do my best to attend the next one on the 19th.

    Looking forward to following more of your teachings in the future.


    Carlos Weisz

    • Marsha (Yes Yes Marsha)

      Hey Carlos! That’s awesome that you’re local. If you didn’t make that show, the next one is MAy 28th — come and introduce yourself!
      (also thanks for the lovely words :) )

  • scott marlow

    Reply Reply April 10, 2019

    Hey Marsha;

    Just wanted to say I *really* enjoyed listening to you on the Motion Hatch podcast!

    Really engaging, funny above all, useful. and great resources on this webpage. Nice!


  • Juan Mendoza

    Reply Reply July 11, 2019

    Wow this is super useful thanks Marsha! When I meet somebody, want to follow up or, send them a gift or whatever I find it really hard to think what to put on the email but now with these templates it will be much easier for me.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and such valuable resources

    • Marsha (Yes Yes Marsha)

      So glad you’re finding them helpful, Juan! That’s totally why I made them, it’s always easier to start from something, even if you end up changing it all afterwards :)

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