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On this page, you’ll find:

  1. Your Start/Stop/Continue form
  2. Suggested actions you can take to solidify your learning
  3. Storytelling Checklist and 4 Questions PDFs to help you prepare for any presentation or web/email copy
  4. Info on what to do if you want to take this to the next level and work on your presentations and stories 
  5. How to get hold of the video + PDF training for connecting by using emotions in storytelling (plus free email coaching from me)

(1) Your start/stop/continue form



(2) Suggested actions to take this week

Option (A) for those ready to seize the moment, (B) in case you need to ease in a little.

(A) Between now and the end of the month, start to pay attention to the sensory details and emotions you experience, as if you were going to recount them to someone else.

(B) Between now and the end of the month, whenever you hear someone tell a story or describe an incident, start to pay attention to whether or not you feel engaged in their story and why that is. Notice whether or not they’re including describing their (or someone else’s) emotion or any sensory details.

If you feel moved to, ask them, “What did it look like?” and/or “How did you feel?” See how the answers change your feeling about the story, and maybe also about them.

(3) Captivating Story Checklist & 4 Questions PDF — reference these before you write your next presentation

Right click (or Ctrl+click on Mac) to save as a PDF

4 Questions to Ask Before ANY Talk or Presentation (PDF)

3 Questions to Ask Before Writing Sales Copy (PDF)

Yes Yes Marsha’s Captivating Story Checklist (Fillable PDF)

Yes Yes Marsha’s Captivating Story Checklist (Printable PDF)

(4) Inspired to sharpen up your presentations and storytelling? Here’s how to take the next step

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

Have a presentation or keynote coming up — or just know you’d like to become a better storyteller with my help?

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(5) Get my (funny and helpful) video training on using emotions in storytelling — plus free email coaching from me!

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