The way you communicate with your teams has changed.

Have you?

As a director, manager or C-suite executive, you know how important it is to keep everyone informed and talking. In the office, you pride yourself on how well you do this.

But now… no one’s in the office. 

Your team is working from home and speaking to you — and each other — through technology screens. We no longer have the ability to walk over to a co-worker’s desk to ask them a quick question, which means email (and instant messaging) has ballooned. Plus you’re now competing with the noise of peoples’ homes — whether that’s interruptions from kids or the lure of their couch. Engaging and motivating your staff is harder than it’s ever been.

You can’t communicate the way you used to. It just doesn’t work when you’re not in the same room. But you can communicate in a way that’s dynamic, inspiring and creates results.


So how do you do this if you’ve never done it before — or certainly not at this scale?

Which tools do you have for communicating while your team are working remotely?

And what are you missing?

I’m Marsha Shandur and I’m committed to helping people communicate in a way that is clear, compelling and drives action, whether in person or virtually.

As a communication, storytelling and speaker coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and groups of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across Canada, the US and the UK — and online.

My highly engaging, fun and effective workshops and coaching have shown participants and clients (including RBC, United Way and HelloFresh) that clear and effective communication doesn’t have to be complicated. With my help, directors, managers and executives learn the small steps they can take before giving a presentation, hosting a team meeting or even just writing an email, which will lead to an engaged audience who are on board and keen to take action. Marsha smiling

What if you knew a few small communication tweaks that would make your team feel united with you and each other?

What if you could write short emails that connect immediately with the recipient and motivate them to do the exact action you need, when you need it?

What if your team were so excited to come to the next Zoom meeting that they wished it were happening right now?

Even when your job is to deliver bad news, by using my unique Four Steps to Engagement process for every piece of communication, your staff will be inspired to pull together through whatever comes next. 

Plus, you’ll sharpen skills that will superpower your abilities when you finally do get back into the office. Want meetings to be shorter, more fun and more effective? The skills you’ll learn in this workshop, lunch and learn or coaching session will transform the impact of your meetings, whether in person or online.

“Marsha kept the attention of the 150 person group with an engaging and informative approach. A great package of skills were transferred to our group. A great experience!”
— Emile Penner-Cloutier Manager,
HR Strategy and Organizational Development, Niagara Health, Niagara, ON

Talking into a screen (or writing on a keyboard) doesn’t have to feel like second-rate communication. 

Engage your audience, whether it’s three members of your team or 300. Get them on your side from the first minute you speak. Motivate them to come together and go the extra mile, even in a trying time like this. Inspire them to feel passionate about the work you need them to do.

It is possible. Let me show you how.

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Presenting to 500 people in the room and many more watching remotely online, Marsha’s training was engaging, entertaining and — most importantly — full of advice that participants were able to put into practice during the workshop itself. She was able to get even shy members of our audience to engage in the exercises — and actually enjoy it! The feedback from the event has been very positive. I would highly recommend Marsha’s workshops.”
— Tanya Hanrahan, Director Transformation, Technology Infrastructure at RBC,
Toronto, ON

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