It was so lovely to hang with you on the podcast! 


Here you’ll find:

(1) Some Networking email templates

(2) A links to Marion Roach Smith’s excellent book

(3) The videos I promised you

(4) Info on what to do if you want to take this to the next level and work on your story (or storiES!)

(5) How to get hold of the free training for the magic bullet for powerful storytelling (plus free email coaching from me)


(1) Email Templates

“Nice To Meet You” Email Template – CLICK HERE

“Asking Someone Important Out for a Coffee” Email Template – CLICK HERE

“Asking a Long-Lost Colleague for a Favour” Email Template — CLICK HERE

(2) Marion Roach Smith’s website and book

Find her site here: http://marionroach.com

And find her book, “The Memoir Project” in your local indie bookstore HERE

(3) Videos I promised

How to Warm up a Cold Contact:

Marsha’s Granny Story:

(4) Inspired to work on YOUR stories? Here’s how to take the next step.

I would love – LOVE – to help you.

Are you a speaker who wants to take your good speech into a mind-blowing, world-changing one? Whether you’re headed for TED, World Domination Summit, or anywhere in between, I’ve got you covered with story-focused speech help that makes your speech just as good as the ideas you’re sharing in it: yesyesmarsha.com/speech

Online entrepreneur who wants to make potential clients list fall in (business) love with you? Find out how to walk the line between personal and professional –– all the while pulling in your dream clients and repelling the ones you don’t want –– by learning to tell your stories in a way that captivates your audience, positions you as an expert, and protects your privacy: www.yesyesmarsha.com/youinbusiness

Do you HATE writing sales pages? Wish you could just do your thing and have people give you money? Can’t stand the thought of the hard sell? Really curious as to how you can write a sales page that’s a gift instead of a gut punch? This is for you: yesyesmarsha.com/saleswithsoul

Not sure which one is for you – but know you’d love to get better at storytelling with my help? Let’s chat! We can jump on the phone – click HERE to book in a call, or just email me on marsha@yesyesmarsha.com

(5) My free Emotions training – including vid of me in an 80s music video – plus free Coaching on Storytelling from me!

If you’d like free coaching (and stories and secrets I won’t put on the internet) – along with, then just fill in your details below:

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