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  1. The blog I referenced in the module
  2. The clients-only email templates I promised you
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1. Blog Referenced


Why you shouldn’t call it networking – but instead, Making Industry Friends:

2. Clients-only Email Template PDFs I promised you
(just click on the title to see it, or right click/Ctrl + click to download)

“Nice To Meet You” Email Template – CLICK HERE

“Asking Big Shot For a Favour” Email Template – CLICK HERE 

How to write to your hero to say thank you – Thursday Thank You email template

3. Free coaching & How To Remember ANYONE’s Name

If you’d like to join the Yes Yes Marsha Mailer Family – and get advice, stories and secrets that I won’t put on the internet – along with my fail-safe guide for how to remember ANYONE’S name, sign up here. It’s free!

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