Why are you so interesting, Marsha, and I’m so boring?

Woman bored and yearning

Have you ever thought that?

Maybe not about me, but about someone else you follow online? Someone who writes newsletters or Facebook posts that you always read. Someone who, every week, seems to be doing something cool and even if you don’t necessarily wish you were them, you wish you could hang out with them. You feel like they get you.

(Maybe you’ve even considered buying from them just to get a bit closer…)

Want to know how they do that? Want to know how YOU could?

Woman bored and yearning

By telling your stories.

But…what if nothing that exciting has ever happened to you? What if you don’t have any stories?

Then, you’re screwed. Give up now.

Obviously, I’m kidding.

The wonderful thing about stories is that narrative is the least important part. It’s not what you tell. It’s HOW you tell it.

This means, a story about ANYTHING can be engaging – and can show your people that YOU GET THEM. Want proof?

Here’s a story:

I once ran a really long race. Loads of different people I did and didn’t know came out to cheer me on. My picture was on a big website for the whole day. I got injured badly at one point, but it turned out ok. There were other people with me. Afterwards, I was really proud of myself.

Here’s another:

As the front door clicks shut behind me, I look out at the street. I bite my bottom lip, lift my eyebrows and smile. In the pit of my stomach is a tingle of excitement, and I think, Three more minutes!
As I step out onto the sidewalk, the sun hits my face. I put my hand in my pocket – and the money is there. YES!

Which story do you like more? Which draws you in?

Narrative-wise, the first one is epic. I run a RACE! Strangers cheer me on! I get injured! I am on a big website!

The second story is about going to the corner store to buy a can of soda. I don’t even get to the part where I drink it!

What makes the second more compelling is HOW i tell it. The detail. The senses. The emotion.

My life isn’t more interesting than yours. I just tell it in a more interesting way. But this isn’t some ‘knack’ I’m born with. It’s a set of rules I follow, that you can too.

Want to know what they are?

For readers: Here’s my (short!) blog series:

For listeners: Find the “Baby Walk Story Sessions” online here, on Soundcloud here, or on iTunes here. Each one is around 10 mins or less.

Don’t worry about being boring. You’re not. You just need to tell your boring stories in an interesting way.

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Who do YOU think does the best job of telling small stories in an engaging way? One of my all-time faves is Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp. What about yours? Let me know — link if you can! — in the comments below. Or if YOU’VE written a small story you’d like to share, link to that one!

You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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