You’re fantastic at what you do. This, you know. You have something that can really help the right people. Marsha in a beautiful dress smiling

But – how do you let them know, and make them CARE?

By telling your story.

By telling them WHY you do what you do, in a way that shows your ideal clients that you get where they’re at, you have the right experience and skills to truly solve their problem – and that you are the kind of person they actually want to spend time with (because: we’d all rather work with a friend, than with an awkward acquaintance, right?).

People – your dream future clients included – will only ever part with money if they’re having an emotional response. Make their response to you a giant, leaping, “YES!!”
You’re not just selling your process or your solution. You’re selling you.

Storytelling is the quickest and most powerful way for you to connect with people you’ve just met – or who are on your website for the first time. When we’re listening brain photo. Credit to aboutmodafinil.comto stories (as opposed to facts), completely different parts of our brains are activated. Our brains even synchronise with those of the person telling the story1 (SO SCI FI).

So, telling your story is important. But how on earth do you do it?

One problem is that it’s SO LONG. You’ve tried before, but where do you start? The first time you got fired, then went on to earn even more money than your old boss? The summer you spent working in the onion factory? Your first success at school??

What do you leave in and take out? What’s important and what’s not?

And once you’ve worked that out, how on earth do you make it sound compelling – short enough to hold their attention but exciting enough to grab it in the first place?

Imagine you have a way of telling your story – in person, online, on stage – which instantly connects you to the people you most want to help. Imagine you could do it in a way that feels really good, feels *true to you – and is concise and punchy enough to hold your (dream) listener’s attention.

Imagine if, when someone asks you, “So, why do you do what you do?” your answer explains it perfectly and succinctly – and makes them hungry to experience more of your work (and of YOU!).

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but
people will never forget how you made them feel.
                                                      – MAYA ANGELOU

The best way to stay at the front of your ideal clients’ minds – and hearts – is to emotionally connect with them.

The most effective, easiest way to do that? By telling your story.

I’m Marsha. I’ve been shaping stories on-air and online for over 20 years. First as a radio DJ, producer and podcaster, then as an author, now as the Story Coach for World Domination Summit, for Toronto’s biggest storytelling show, True Stories Told Live – and for world-changers like you, who know they have a powerful story to tell, but have no idea where to start. Marsha in a beautiful dress smiling

I cut my teeth story-shaping as a DJ on music radio. For 15 years, I had to learn to get stories from 20 minutes down to 20 seconds – because, after that, the jingle kicks in, and you have to stop talking. Plus – any longer? And you’ve lost your audience’s attention.

I’m now the founder, story coach and host for True Stories Told Live, Toronto’s biggest storytelling show, and have coached over a hundred storytellers in the last two years – many of whom had never been on stage in their life before. As the official Story Coach for Portland’s World Domination Summit, I coach the chosen Attendee Storytellers to get their stories down to 1.5 minutes, ready to tell them onstage to 3,000 people.

I can help you tell yours in a way that will change the field you’re playing on.

Working together, you will learn to tell your business story in a way that grips and moves everyone who hears it, is a guaranteed way to stand out from the competition – and makes the *right people raving fans.

My method is thorough. While there are certain universal rules to storytelling (like: tell things in the chronological order they happened, so you’re not throwing in spoilers; or: don’t hint at other stories that you’re not telling), I understand that every person’s story is unique, and needs individual attention.

You won’t get an identikit “Storytelling Template”. I will sit down with you and ask the RIGHT questions to draw out every important aspect of your story. Then I’ll help you see which parts need to be told straight away, and which can wait for the full-length autobiography (or, in my daydreams, the Behind The Music special).

I’m going to be honest – I don’t fully understand how my brain instinctively knows how to do this. After so many years of shaping, shrinking and making stories powerful, it just offers me up the right answers for the stories I work on (and I figure, if it’s working, who am I to question it?).

Here are some nice things my clients have said about my story coaching process:

She knows how to unearth the emotional nuggets that make a story captivating.

Maryjo Powell“When I hired Marsha, I’d been struggling to figure out on my own how to tell my business story – a story that would teach the reader that they should do business with me.

There is so much to love about working with Marsha. I now have an interesting and engaging story to tell – but it was also an opportunity to really consider what I do, and helped me come up with new methods of finding clients.

Marsha is a master at her craft. She reaches through the internet and holds your hand while the two of you navigate the weedy path of your personal narrative. She knows how to unearth the emotional nuggets that make a story captivating.

She has a way of making you feel comfortable, interesting, and important — and isn’t that what we are all looking for?

I now have an interesting and engaging story to tell. And what’s not to like about spending time with someone who makes you feel like you’re a badass?!
Maryjo Powell, President & Founder, Alliance for Achieving Excellence, PA

Marsha totally over-delivered

“From start to finish the experience has been fantastic and she totaLorna GAgerlly over-delivered. My story is unique and interesting, but Marsha has helped me make it gripping, heartwarming and best of all – more enticing for women to want to work with me.

The new version also leaves people with something even if they never work with me. In other words – it ticks all the boxes of what a good story should be in our entrepreneurial world.

Marsha is truly gifted at story coaching.
Lorna Gager, Wellness Coach and Inspirationalist,

“I learned so much from that one session, I feel as if I took a 5-day intensive workshop on storytelling”

Lissa CowanWhen I first came to Marsha with my story, it was long and unwieldy, and I was lost as to how to shape it. Marsha was so thoughtful and intuitive as she helped me whip it into a kind of mini masterpiece. She didn’t tell me what to do, but let me draw my own conclusions to make it come alive. I learned so much from that one session that I feel as if I took a 5-day intensive workshop on storytelling.”
Lissa M. Cowan Author and Writing and Creativity Coach

I didn’t know that shy people could also be good storytellers

Ginny Santos“I didn’t know that shy people could also be good storytellers. Marsha was absolutely amazing at helping me craft my experience into an engaging story. She made me feel so comfortable and supported while sharing some really personal stuff. She helped me recognize the details that make my story compelling, she helped me create the hook and pointed out what I should include and what I should leave out. Now I have the confidence to tell my story in public knowing all the ways in which I can modify it and use it for different purposes while always knowing that people will love listening to it.”
Ginny Santos
Creativist, Founder and CEO of NeOle

Ready to get your story straight – and have the people you most want to help begging to work with you?

Here’s how it works: 

Step One: We’ll start with a pre-session assessment.
Consider this the debrief or the back-story session.

I ask you a series of questions over email. As a result of your answers, I’ll get fully up to speed on what it is that’s most important to you about your story, and get a real understanding of what you are working so hard to get across.

Step Two: We shape the story.
Together we jump on Zoom (it’s like Skype, but better!) or the phone for two and a half hours.

We’ll dive even deeper into your story – after all, you want it to be impactful enough to change people’s lives!

Through a series of questions that you’ll be surprised are relevant, we will uncover the most compelling way to tell your story. I’m going to be honest, sometimes my brain just has a magic way of working this stuff out – so you get to take advantage of that, too!

You will leave understanding exactly what to omit from your story and the information that must be included to deliver a message that tugs at your audience’s emotion and to the positive difference you want to make in the world.

Remember: while we’ll get very tailored on the story you most need to tell right now, you’ll also learn tips and tricks that will help you tell stories in ANY context. 

Step Three: We continue, until it’s done.
While I am always respectful of your time, I am less interested in the exact amount of hours you’ve ‘bought’, and more interested in making sure we get the job done in the best way possible. So, if this means multiple sessions, that’s what we’ll do! Usually it ends up being 2.5; 2; 1; 1. Sometimes a little more; sometimes a little less.


  • An mp3 recording of every call – so you can be fully present during the session and don’t have to furiously scribble down everything we say.

  • A TON of extra material you can use. Because we only end up using a small part of the information I get from you, you now have a WEALTH of stories that you can use in your business. In newsletters, blogs, sales pages, Q&A’s – even when teaching. As we go through, I’ll point out how you can recognise, isolate and use these little stories to connect IMMEDIATELY with your audience, on every level.

  • My undivided attention to shape your story. Once I’ve asked you all about your story (and taken furious notes), I will work on shaping the story by myself – to bring you back a structure that I KNOW is powerful and holds together well.

  • A final follow-up call, to run through your new version of the story (once you’ve had the chance to work on it yourself)

Investment: Special Yes Yes Family rate of $797 (USD)Marsha in a beautiful dress smiling

The Result?

      • A way of telling your “Why” story that you’re really proud of, that connects instantly with people – and drives them to take action!
      • A polished story you can now use on your website, for speaking engagements and in videos
      • A way of emotionally engaging your dream clients
      • The chance to really make a difference in the world.

Ready to share your wisdom, wit and wonderfulness with the perfect story? Then let’s go!

Your next steps:

**Please note that sessions July – September are very limited, so it may be a few weeks between each. This won’t affect the process – but if you have a strict time frame, get in touch to let me know!**

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4. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ll receive access to the pre-session assessment. I’m so excited to help you make your story engaging and compelling – so you can make that amazing change in the world!


“Afterwards, I did the best public presentation I’ve ever done, business or artistic”

rick jones“I was skeptical of the very idea of Marsha helping me polish my story. After all, it had been okay before. I am skeptical no more; her insight and communications expertise helped me turn my little yarn into the best public presentation I’ve ever done, business or artistic. An hour with her was incalculably valuable. I say yes, yes to Marsha!”
Rick Jones
Stand Up Comic


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