What if we do the session, I do everything right, then I *still* don’t hear back from a person I contact?

It’s true that you can’t FORCE someone to respond.
But you will know that you have absolutely given it the best shot you possibly can.

I’ll also arm you with techniques to prod them in a non-intrusive way – just in case one email isn’t enough.


It seems like a big investment for one email – what if there are a few people I want to contact?

You can use these tricks and skills for more than one email.

Whilst we will get specific for this first email, the tips, ideas and basic scripts are totally transferrable.

Will I be sending out emails that don’t sound like ME?

No! That’s why we spend time on the call brainstorming together.

That’s why I don’t actually write the email for you – you write it, then I check it over.


But why can’t you write the email for me?

It wouldn’t sound like you or come from a genuine place. Neither I, you, nor the person you’re contacting want that.

BUT – in the follow-up notes, I will give you some scripts you can copy and then make your own.


Oh, pleeeeeeeease write it all for me!

Trust me that you wouldn’t really want me to.

This is the best way for you to get it written without the stress, but in your own voice.


Surely you everyone is different – how do you know he or she will respond well to your style of doing things?

There are certain ways of writing emails like this that are universally wrong
and others that people universally respond to.

Trust me on this – I have a LOT of experience.


Can’t I find out this stuff by myself?

Absolutely. And if you’d like to – please do and don’t hire me.

But also know that it took me literally YEARS of trial and error – as well as reading and learning from others – to get all of these skills.

A session with me is a much quicker route.


Ok, I’m in! What happens now?

Welcome on board!

PLEASE CLICK HERE. Let’s do this!