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I work with coaches, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are brilliant at what they do (basically: you) – BUT – who are having trouble getting discovered by the people they most want to help through their work.

I can show you how to get noticed by, and build genuine relationships with key players in your industry. This will steer you into a whole new universe of possibilities – including collaboration, endorsements, guest blog posts and even these new friends sharing your offerings with their own (massive) tribe.

With this boost, you can get your message out to the people that need to hear about it. And the more of them that hear it, the more clients you get! 

Nikki Elledge Brown

If you want to make meaningful, purposeful connections with people you admire, without feeling like a total nerd/desperate stalker, you. need. Marsha.
– Nikki Elledge BrownCommunication Stylist and CEO, nikkielledgebrown.com, Hawaii

Is there someone terrific, who 

  • you’ve been putting off writing an email to – because you don’t know what to say or how to say it?

  • you want to get the attention of – but you’re pretty sure she gets 100s of emails a day (so why should she bother with yours)?
  • you want to take a look at your website or latest offering – but you’re nervous about being intrusive, or coming across as a suck-up?
  • you just know will think what you do is awesome and want to be involved – but when it comes to emailing her, let’s face it: you’re scared?

Just the thought of all this makes you want to slither under your desk and stay there until Christmas.

Maybe you’ve tried writing this email already. But every time you go to your inbox, press “Compose”, then start typing… nothing sounds quite right. It’s making you lose hope. Is “cooperate” even a word?, you think. Did I just make it up? Isn’t that where a pigeon lives?

I can show you how to capture her attention in a way that is clear, persuasive, genuine and will get a response – whether that’s her collaborating with you on a program or letting her tribe know all about you.

Imagine how it would feel if there was someone to help you with this. 

Someone who could:

  • give you tailored, concrete advice on what exactly you should do to get her to notice you – AND respond.
  • check over what you’ve written before you send it and help you make any necessary tweaks.
  • help you feel completely confident that you were doing the best job possible to get this person you admire to open and read your email – and respond in the way you’d love her to.
  • let you experience how thrilling it is to hear back from the person you emailed:
    She does love your work, she’d be honored to work with you.
  • Then, every time you want to contact a new person you admire, you’d have the confidence that you can do it and the tools to write the ideal, compelling email.

With Marsha’s help, in just two weeks I got endorsements from three Kelly Alexanderof my hero authors!
Kelly Alexander, Passion and Pleasure Coach for Women
& Author of ‘My Year OFF Men’, 
Toronto, ON

What I’ll do for you

I am going to help you both get her attention – and see how much you have to offer her. You won’t just be on her radar – her internal GPS will be shouting your name out.

An email that could have taken you two solid days and nights of staring in wild-eyed panic at the computer screen, will be done in just an hour. After some practise, you’ll be rattling off similar messages to other heroes of yours in a matter of minutes.

We’ll do it all in way that feels genuine, easy and even a little thrilling. 

How it works 
  • We’ll start with a pre-session assessment.
    This will create a cluster of ideas for how you can get this person to notice and respond to you. It also gives me insight into where you’re at, and arms me with all I need to research both of you – so I can think up with even more angles.
  • Then we’ll jump on the phone for 60 minutes. I’ll explain to you all the essential factors of getting someone’s attention. Then we’ll brainstorm together – so that whatever you write, is shot through with YOUR voice. Finally, we’ll come up with a personalized step-by-step plan for how to write the email (or whatever else we decide is best). 
  • An audio recording of our conversation, so that you can focus every bit of your excited mind on listening and brainstorming. 
  • Email Templates for you to use – so you can hit the ground running and write an email that your hero will WANT to read and LOVE replying to.
  • A check-in via email within a week of our session, so that I look over and give any notes on the marvellous message you will have composed – before you send it.
  • Another email conversation one month later, to keep you accountable, have you tell me how it went, and whether you need advice on the next steps.
The Result?
  • Wonderful new relationships with people you have long admired and now love working with. 
  • Collaborations with others that benefit you BOTH.
  • Major players in your industry knowing who you are, what you do, and what opportunities there are for you to work together.

Not only that – the tools and skills you’ll use are ones that you can rock out again and again, every time you want to get noticed by someone else you think rules, who doesn’t yet know that you do. 

Working with Marsha was game-changing. I got a response from my hero within TWO HOURS

I got everything I’d asked for and more – the hero has even since written katie Brajato say, “Please call on me ANYtime”. The best part is that Marsha taught me all kinds of tricks that I’ve already started using in other attention-grabbing emails. The cherry on top is that she’s super fun and a blast to work with.

–Katie Braja, CEO & Founder, Jojobas Witness, Norwalk, CT


She's basically my fucking hero, so, you know.
Ash Ambirge
Founder, House of Moxie & The Middle Finger Project
Philadelphia & Costa Rica

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