You’re l-l-l-leaving London? B-b-b-but why?

I knew I’d never settle here, even growing up here. I’ve been feeling like it’s time to move on for a couple of years.

Huh? Bu-but – wha-what about your show!

Don’t worry. Xfm have managed to find another fantastic lady to fill my shoes. It was my decision to go and I am still on great terms with everyone at Xfm. I continue to love the station passionately and think my bosses are totally wonderful and the feeling seems to be mutual.

But – Xfm’s your dream job!

Well, I do love it with all my heart and soul, but, cover shifts aside, I only actually do one show a week there. It’s the thing I do least out of all my jobs, it just feels like the most to you because it’s the shiniest. Also, I don’t love it more than I want not to be in London. And finally, I’ve been there for eight years. Pretty good innings.

But Toronto? I thought you always said if you left London you’d go back to Edinburgh?

Yes, but I also always said I was open to the fact that you never know what life throws at you and that I might, for example, fall in love with a Norwegian and move to Norway. At least I speak the same language as Canadians.

Ah, so you’re moving for LOVE. That’s so *romantic/*misguided!
(*delete as attitudinally applicable)

Well, yes and no. I’m going to Toronto because I fell in love with a Torontonian, but also one of my best friends has been living there for ten years, I know and love the city. It has a lot about it that suits me perfectly and that I feel a lack of in London.

But – what will you DO there? Do you have a job lined up?

Actually no – know any Canadians employing? My plan is to take a few weeks off, then spend a couple of months seeing what’s what and doing some interning in music and radio industry jobs. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do, just pretty sure it’s not presenting.

Bu- but you’re a great presenter!

That’s very sweet of you to say, but I think I’m only a great part-time presenter. I’ve always felt my strengths lie more in leadership and problem-solving.

Oh. I was only saying it to be nice.

Well, thanks all the same.

So, what now? How will I cope?

Oh do stop being dramatic. You can see what I’m up to on this website ( and twitter (

When are you off?

Tail end of January

Will you back for visits?

Of course!

I’ll miss you!

But will you?

Probably not, in fairness. I’m very busy.

Thought so.

Ok. Bye then.


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