Worried your stories aren’t exciting enough?

True Stories Told Live Zoe McKnight

“I don’t know if my stories are worth telling…”

If this thought has ever crossed your mind-threshold, I have great news:

Good stories mostly aren’t about content. It’s about the way they’re told.


Think about it: we all know that one person who can make ANY story sound amazing. And we’ve all been stuck at the party with that other person, whose story you can tell has exciting elements, but dear god WHEN WILL THEY STOP, because this is mental torture.

In fact, when we tell less exciting stories, as long as we do it in a compelling way, people are more likely to be able to relate to them.

If you need a little further proof, here is a wonderful story, about something not totally life-changing.

Added extra: this story (from my live show True Stories Told Live) was told by a journalist, who asked to come and be coached by me to tell a story, and then tell it, purely because she has a crippling fear of public speaking, and her editor wanted her to write about it.

What you can learn from that? If you’re well prepared and have a great story, you can totally fake your own confidence. Here she is, doing just that:

Do you worry about your stories not being exciting enough? Does this inspire you to tell them anyway? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’d like help telling YOUR stories – exciting or no – I’d LOVE to help you with that. If you have one you’d like to tell on stage or screen, look here: yesyesmarsha.com/storycoaching. If you’d like to tell the story of WHY you do what you do – even if it doesn’t seem exciting to you! – then have a look here: yesyesmarsha.com/whystory.

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You rule!

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha



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