Thanks so much for being there for the workshop!Marsha smiling and posing in her Hawaiian dress

On this page, you’ll find:

  1. The script I promised for talking to your Beast
  2. Links I promised 
  3. How to get hold of video + PDF training for the magic bullet when it comes to telling compelling stories that build engagement (plus free email coaching from me)

(1) Script to quiet the beast

Right click (or ctrl+click on mac) to save the image

Yes Yes Marsha's script for talking to your Beast (TJX Total Rewards Summit 2020)

(2) Links I promised

My Facebook group, I Don’t Have My iSht Together Either:

Liz J Simpson, who talks about how there IS money floating around that we can earn, it’s just mostly going to men right now (and who shows that you can wear hoop earrings and be hired by corporate):

The Daily Whip — Erika Lyremark “ex-stripper turned CEO”:

Liz Scully’s “Evil Coach”:

Ira Glass on the gap between what we know is good and what we do ourselves when we start creative work (2 mins long and delightful graphics):

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.


(3) Free video training on how to connect with stories — plus free email coaching from me!

If you’d like free coaching via email, along with my guide for the magic bullet when it comes to compelling storytelling, then fill in your details below:

Marsha smiling and posing in her Hawaiian dress

Thanks again for being at the presentation!

You rule,

(Yes Yes) Marsha

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