If the “END OF THE DECADE LET’S REVIEW AND PLAN!!” messages are bumming you out

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This one might not apply to you. Or it might land right where you need it to.

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You know everyone online at the moment is all, “OMG END OF A DECADE LET’S REVIEW THE LAST AND MAKE GOALS FOR THE NEXT!!!”?

If you love that stuff — as I have sometimes (and as my pile of completed yearcompasses will prove) — then awesome. Get on with your bad self.

But if, every time you read something like that, it makes your stomach tighten a little…

– maybe because you don’t think you have time to do that
– maybe because you don’t feel you achieved enough or have changed enough in ten years
– maybe because you’re currently in survival mode and have zero capacity for reflection or planning

…then I just want to remind you that this is totally fine.

You are not failing.
You are not a bad business owner or self-care-do-er.
You are not missing out on some important task.

You are ok, just as you are. I promise. Don’t let your Beast tell you anything else.

xx (Yes Yes) Marsha

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PPS please tell your Beast that I am not afraid of it xxx





Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash. Isn’t it lovely?

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