I totally ALWAYS stay for the end credits, so I love that you have, too.

The Yes Yes business is mostly held together by my WONDERFUL magical pegasus of an assistant, Patti of bizmagic.co. If you need a VA or a Business Manager, GIVE HER A SHOUT!

After years of studying copywriting and knowing I understand it, I finally allowed myself to hire a copywriter for my sales pages. Her name is Rachel from BoltFromTheBlueCopyWriting.com, aka My Second Brain. Hire her immediately. Seriously, she’s incredible.

If anything goes wonky on the tech side, I throw up a JW-shaped bat signal for Julie from JulieWaterhouse.com. She’s a WordPress GENIUS.

Branding – logo, colour palette, font choice etc – by the brilliant (BRILLIANT!!!) Cerries Mooney of cerriesmooney.com

Website design by the amazing Laura Patrielli of design-mastermind.com 

Some other design – like my opt-in – was done by the wonderful Amy from hugeish.com

Photos in header – and almost everywhere else – by the genius that is carolinewhitephotography.com

Some other photos of me (esp those on the phone) by the absurdly talented Connie Tsang at connietsangphotos.com.

Pam Lostracco painted the mountains you see in the background of my videos

The music on my videos is “George Square” by David Berkeley.


I’ve also had some incredible teachers and coaches, all of whom I’m thrilled to call friends.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Trudi Lebron changed my life. I spent 10 months working with her to get better at being an accomplice (more than an ally!) and doing what I can to not accidentally do harm and to balance the truckloads of privilege I have and have had. If you want to make an equitable impact with your business, HIRE HER (or join her amazing membership program). Details here: www.trudilebron.com/letswork

Smokii Sumac was kind enough, even though it’s not quite his usual job, to allow me to hire him to do some essential work in understanding the Indigenous experience and what my role is when it comes to being a good settler. Follow him on Instagram — you’ll be glad you did: www.instagram.com/smokiisumac


Selling / Business:

Lara Wellman was already a dear friend when I decided to hire her to get my bum in gear (side note: don’t be afraid to PAY YOUR FRIENDS). I paid for nine months of coaching upfront, and had made ALL that money back within three weeks (and since then, much more!). As well as coaching and membership programs, she does one-off workshops and fantastic quarterly planning days. Come and find her at thebiz.studio

Kendrick Shope totally rewired my brain, transformed my ability to sell (from zero to closing almost whenever I want to) and changed my life. Hire her, or take her incredible Sales School class at KendrickShope.com 

Jonathan Fields is someone who I frequently pay vast amounts of money to allow me to follow him around and listen to his excellent, Yoda-like advice. Find him (and his excellent podcast!) at goodlifeproject.com 



Lee-Anne Regan took my workshops from being just me, talking at the audience for an hour — to being half- or full-day interactive spectaculars that get everyone talking – and get me my highest paying clients.

She usually works for people like the UN and the World Bank, but if you ask nicely, she might help you, too: http://rpsinc.ca/hiretalk-to-us/hire-us 


Taking one-on-one to Companies and Corporates:

Karen Ward teaches me something new every time we speak. If you want smarts along with beautiful things, sign up to her list at curiosityinc.com 


Almost everything else is done by me, Marsha. Hi!

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