Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so glad my little postcard made it into your hands. 


As promised, here’s the exclusive email template for you. It’s for how to ask a Big Shot for a favour. Because sometimes, asking a favour from someone who’s a bigger deal than you in one particular area is OK – you just have to do it in a classy, respectful way.

Ctrl+click/right click to save it as a PDF:

Yes Yes Marsha’s Email Template to Ask a Bigshot for a Favour


Free Coaching / Free training on how to remember ANYONE’S name (even if you’re usually bad at that.

We’re already members of the Camp GLP Family, so I’d love if you’d also come and join the Yes Yes Family. If you’d like free coaching (and stories and secrets I won’t put on the internet) – along with a fancy video and PDF outlining my “How to Remember ANYONE’S Name” trick, then just fill in your details below:

Thanks again! It was so nice to have you in my universe for that wonderful weekend!

You rule,

xxxxx (Yes Yes) Marsha


  • Carissa

    Reply Reply September 6, 2015

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for the great workshop. I’m hoping you were going to post the story by the young girl in the bike accident? You mentioned it wasn’t public on youtube but I would love access to the video. My friend was in a similar accident and i thought it would be a healing story for her to hear. Thanks so much! Hoping to work with you sometime soon!

    All the best Carissa

    • Marsha (Yes Yes Marsha)

      Marsha Shandur

      Reply Reply September 7, 2015

      Hi Carissa! In fact, that’s on ANOTHER secret webpage – one I made for the workshop! You can find that, here: I’ll also be sending you a link over email soon!

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