Here is where you’ll find all the Baby Walk Story Sessions — an audio training for how to tell stories. Each blog post also has a transcript. And you can find them on Soundcloud HERE, on my iTunes channel HERE and my Stitcher channel HERE.

How to find stories and decide which ones you should tell — BWSS intro

The MOST important question to ask before you tell your (or ANY!) story! BWSS #1 official!

How To Edit Your Stories (part 1) – BWSS #2!

How to edit your stories (Part 2) – BWSS #3

How To Edit Your Stories (Part 3) — BWSS #4!

The Three Biggest Mistakes When Telling Stories – BWSS #5!

Lying when you tell stories — when SHOULD you? BWSS #6!

My NUMBER ONE Storytelling Rule! – BWSS #7 (the last one!)